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US May Be Denied Extradition Request for Mozambican Suspect

South Africa plans to hand over Mozambique’s former finance minister, Manuel Chang, to his own government and not to the United States, which seeks Chang’s extradition for alleged financial crimes, according to a South African …

Oxfam: Forced Marriages Aren’t Going Away in South Sudan

JUBA � A new report by British charity Oxfam warns that another generation of girls in South Sudan will miss out on education, face high health risks during childbirth, and be more likely to face …

Trade Project Builds Somaliland’s Economy; Leaders Seek More

WASHINGTON As a yearlong project aimed at helping Somaliland develop its trade relationship with Ethiopia winds down, top leaders hope more assistance will bolster the country’s economy and strengthen its standing in the Horn of …

Actor Dreams of Second Chance as Somalia Rebuilds its Theater

MOGADISHU Abdulle Abdi Mohamud stands outside Somalia’s National Theatre seven years after a suicide bomb attack shut it down, and dares to dream of an unlikely second act for the venue – and his own …

Humanitarian Action for Children 2019 – Mauritania

Total people in need: 258,978

Total children (<18) in need: 224,978

Total people to be reached: 113,323

Total children to be reached: 77,089

2019 programme targets:


26,930 children under 5 years suffering from SAM admitted for treatment…