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Belfrics Group launches a blockchain skill-drive initiative in association with DIT

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania, April 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Belfrics Group, one of the largest international blockchain conglomerates of the world, in association with Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), one of the leading technology and engineering institutes in Tanzania and the East African region, today announced a joint initiative to develop a pool of talented and skilled technology professionals for blockchain as a domain. Belfrics Academy SDN BHD, the research, international training and skill development vertical of Belfrics Group of Companies, would lead the efforts to address the knowledge-gap and the rapidly growing requirements Blockchain Talents in the industry.

Belfrics DIT signing ceremony

On this momentous association, Mr. Praveenkumar Vijayakumar, Founder and CEO — Belfrics Group of Companies said, “We all know that the Internet is filled with the so many online courses on Blockchain technology. But the sad reality is that, the quality of talent and knowledge that is out there, is not even close to what the industry needs. There is still a humungous knowledge-gap, and a huge void in terms of the quality and quantity of blockchain talent in the market. This is not only an Africa problem; this is a world problem! And we are happy to have associated with an esteemed institute like DIT which is synonymous with technology as an industry.”

DIT, being one of the leaders in the space of capacity building for the latest technologies in the industry, keenly believes blockchain to be the next big wave in the digital transformation of the world, and especially, Africa. Similarly, Belfrics Group of companies has been one of the leading conglomerates spearheading the blockchain movement across the globe. With its presence in Asia Africa Middle East and South America regions, Belfrics is one of the few global companies to have worked with government bodies, financial regulators, and conglomerates for a blockchain-ready infrastructure.

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We are pleased to see educational leaders like DIT come forward and being open to the need of the industry. I would say, that this is the right time, between being proactive or before being reactive to the industry demands. Employment and development is Key, and for that we must understand where the future is. DIT is doing just that. In fact, we’re pleasantly surprised to see the level of awareness and requests from other prestigious institutes from the East African Region for blockchain skill development. Since we are one of the major blockchain talent hirers ourselves, we are very much aware of the quality and quantity of the talent available currently. Such collaborations are required to address the current gap,”says E C Uday Senan, Global Strategist — Belfrics Academy.

Blockchain technology is among the emerging technologies that will soon revolutionize the internet and the ICT industry. Due to its inherent features, such as distributed system with no single point of failure, usage of cryptograph for data protection, and fast data transfer and sharing of digital assets, Blockchain has huge potential and a number of applications, particularly in developing countries. To leverage the potentials of this technology, it is critically important we create awareness of the technology as well as build the capacity of our students, staff and the general public. This is exact what DIT will do in collaboration with Belfrics. This will enable DIT to become the hub of blockchain technology, the hub where capacity building of our people as well as experimentation and eventually development of the blockchain systems for improving government service delivery will take place,” says Dr Joseph W. Matiko, the Director of ICT Centre at Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology.

“DIT is positioned to support the industrial economy by creating skilled workforce for the nation. Therefore, collaboration between DIT and Belfrics is important for capacity building of our students and staff and creating the digital skilled workforce in the country. We are really pleased to establish this collaboration because it is in line with our strategies of teaching factory concept and engagement of the industry in teaching and learning activities,” says Prof Preksedis M. Ndomba, Principal of the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology.

“We are excited to partner with Dar es salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) on the launch of Blockchain Trainings for Corporates, DIT Students and Staff Members and the Tanzania Community at large. Blockchain Technology ensures digital skills are accessible to Tanzanians particularly youth and supports with securing meaningful opportunities where they can apply their talents, ideas and expertise to advance the Country’s economic, Industrialization and social development,” said Aziz Chonya, Director, Belfrics Tanzania.

The collaboration between DIT and Belfrics comes in at a very crucial stage, with Africa being closely eyed as the next talent-hub by the world. With blockchain strongly anticipated to be the driver for the next stream of technological innovations, African countries “stand to benefit from this shift more than other nations because most of Africa has a Greenfield in banking, finance, health and other legacy infrastructure. Africa has a unique opportunity to leapfrog in many areas and develop new infrastructure and use cases to power the future” according to an article on medium.

Belfrics Academy, the international research and skill-development vertical of Belfrics, is dedicated to customized blockchain training for Universities, Colleges and training institutes, and capacity building for Government bodies, Regulators and Private Organizations. Belfrics Academy also mentors and nurtures Blockchain talents by setting up Innovation-hubs within the University campuses to drive and mentor more blockchain talent and ideas.

Belfrics is one among the very few companies who have developed and built their own blockchain, ‘Belrium’, which is now live and deployed, and which is being seriously considered as the technology carrier by many government bodies and conglomerates for solutions from identity data harmonization, to supply chain infrastructure, to smart governance infrastructure to healthcare infrastructure, around the globe.

DIT and Belfrics Academy, through this collaboration, aim at nurturing as much talent as possible in the academic year of 2019, as the demand is rapidly increasing, thus resulting in employment of young Africans in this technology space.

For more information about Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology, please visit and for more information about Belfrics Academy.

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New Virtual CPE Supports VNF Hypervisor Solutions for SD-WAN

The virtual SmartNode (vSN) family of Virtual CPE products simplifies, accelerates, and lowers costs for SIP-trunk, hosted-PBX, SDN, IP-Access and VPN service deployments

SmartNode VoIP… More than Just Talk!

GAITHERSBURG, Md., April 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND: Patton Electronics—a time-tested, brick-and-mortar manufacturer of IP network equipment—has officially released its virtual SmartNode (vSN) line of virtualized network function (VNF) software CPE products, the company announced today.

The SmartNode virtual CPE offering for hypervisor implementation streamlines SD-WAN service deployment by providing a set of cloud-native software CPE products for download and deployment with bare metal on-premise hardware—a.k.a. universal CPE (uCPE).

Unlike many competing virtual CPE products the Patton vSN puts no limit on the number of registered users or sessions. Call capacity is easily scaled up or down as needed using a floating license model that automatically distributes licenses from the Cloud to SDN hypervisors wherever they are located.

Patton’s announcement comes in the wake of an anticipated 45.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the virtual CPE market that could reach $16.4 billion in 2022, according to a recent IDC forecast.

Offering all the benefits and none of the performance limitations of a shrink-wrapped CPE device, the vSN can be remotely provisioned, configured, managed, and monitored as a virtual machine (VM) using the Patton Cloud.

Thanks to simplified operation, reduced CapEx and OpEx, and faster service delivery, virtual CPEs are key drivers of the growing network function virtualization (NFV) deployment trend, according to techtarget.

Currently offered SmartNode NFV use cases include:

  • VPN server
  • IPv6-to-IPv4 network gateway
  • IP access router
  • Enterprise session border controller (eSBC) for hosted PBX or SIP trunk applications

With a software download from the cloud, hypervisor virtual machines may be repurposed for any of Patton’s available VNF options as required by the network administration.

>>Patton will offer a webinar covering the vSN use cases. Attendees can join the webinar offered at the most convenient time for their location:

    TUE 05.07.2019 | 11:00 CEST
    TUE 05.07.2019 | 11:00 EST
    WED 05.08.2019 | 12 NOON SGT            

In related news, Patton recently announced its new cloud–managed VoIP ATA with optional Power-over-Ethernet.

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NetDragon signe un protocole d’entente sur l’enseignement numérique avec Global Rus Trade, de Russie, lors de la réunion de mi-parcours du conseil d’entreprise des BRICS

JOHANNESBURG, 5 avril 2019 /PRNewswire/ — NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (HKSE : 0777) (NetDragon), chef de file mondial dans la création de communautés Internet, a signé un protocole d’entente sur l’enseignement numérique avec la principale plateforme B2B russe de commerce électronique transfrontalier, Global Rus Trade, lors de la réunion de mi-parcours du conseil d’entreprise des BRICS, qui s’est tenue à Johannesburg (Afrique du Sud). Les 3 et 4 avril, la conférence a réuni des représentants du Brésil, de la Russie, de l’Inde, de la Chine et de l’Afrique du Sud (les « BRICS ») et de leurs établissements concernés, afin de renforcer les liens commerciaux, les échanges et les investissements au sein du regroupement des cinq nations.

NetDragon signed a memorandum of understanding with Global Rus Trade

Le protocole d’entente a pour but de mettre à profit les atouts technologiques et les ressources respectives des entreprises des deux pays et de promouvoir conjointement de telles pratiques de collaboration chez les autres BRICS. Parmi les principaux membres du groupe de travail sur l’économie numérique du conseil d’entreprise des BRICS, qui réunit des organisations commerciales de tous les pays membres pour une exploration approfondie de leur secteur d’activité, NetDragon était également invité à participer et partager son livre blanc, élaboré de façon indépendante et intitulé « White Paper on Education Technology in BRICS 2019 », qui apporte pour chaque pays une analyse des politiques actuelles en matière d’enseignement, de systèmes et de performances. « À l’avenir, NetDragon fera équipe avec d’autres entreprises membres pour mener conjointement des recherches sur l’enseignement et proposer des recommandations de planification pour les pays des BRICS », a déclaré Mo Junqi, vice-président de NetDragon, qui a assisté à la réunion à Johannesburg.

« En plus de collaborer étroitement avec les pays des BRICS, NetDragon a confirmé deux partenariats majeurs avec la Russie dans les domaines de l’enseignement intelligent au cours des deux dernières années, apportant ses produits dans plus de 20 000 salles de classe à travers le pays », a dit le Dr Xiong Li, PDG de NetDragon. « NetDragon saisit les opportunités gagnant-gagnant offertes par une mondialisation rapide et répond également à l’appel de l’initiative de la One Belt, One Road (la nouvelle route de la soie) ; il se trouve en première ligne en matière de coopération stratégique avec des pays de ce réseau historique comme la Serbie, le Myanmar et l’Égypte. En dernier lieu, et non le moindre, NetDragon lance plusieurs produits, plateformes et applications pédagogiques aux États-Unis, en Malaisie et dans d’autres pays, afin de mettre en place d’une offre solide de matériel, de logiciels et de contenus couvrant l’ensemble des groupes d’âge et des entreprises afin de répondre aux différents besoins éducatifs des utilisateurs à travers le monde. »

Mo Junqi, vice president of NetDragon gave a speech at BRICS Business Council's Digital Economy Working Group meeting

NetDragon a participé pour la première fois au conseil d’entreprise des BRICS en 2017 et est devenu membre du groupe de travail sur l’économie numérique en juillet 2018. En soutenant la coopération entre les pays des BRICS et les pays participant à l’initiative One Belt, One Road, NetDragon a vu ses activités à l’étranger prospérer et s’étendre davantage, pour toucher de nouvelles régions du monde. Cette coopération avec Global Rus Trade, en plus d’intensifier ses efforts en matière d’offre de services éducatifs numériques en Russie, sera également une étape importante pour NetDragon, qui continuera à mener à bien ses objectifs internationaux et ses capacités parmi les pays des BRICS et au-delà.

À propos de NetDragon

Depuis sa fondation en 1999, NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (HKSE : 0777) (NetDragon) est un chef de file mondial dans la création de communautés Internet. Entreprise de recherche et développement à la pointe de la technologie, intégrée verticalement, NetDragon a connu un grand succès, notamment grâce au développement de MMORPG phares comme Eudemons OnlineHeroes Evolved (auparavant : Calibur of Spirit) et Conquer Online. Elle a également créé le premier portail de jeux en ligne chinois,, ainsi que la plateforme d’applications pour smartphones la plus influente, 91 Wireless, vendue en 2013 à Baidu, ce qui fut alors la plus importante transaction de fusion-acquisition par Internet en Chine. En tant que pionnier chinois en matière d’expansion à l’international, NetDragon a également exploité directement un certain nombre de jeux dans plus de 10 langues, depuis 2003.

Pour en savoir plus, veuillez consulter le site :

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NetDragon Signs Digital Education MOU with Russia’s Global Rus Trade at BRICS Business Council Midterm Meeting

JOHANNESBURG, April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (HKSE: 0777) (NetDragon), a global leader in building internet communities, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on digital education with the leading Russian B2B-platform for cross-border e-commerce, Global Rus Trade, at the BRICS Business Council Midterm Meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa. Held from April 3 – 4, the conference gathers representatives from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) and its related institutions to strengthen business, trade, and investment ties within the five-nation association.

NetDragon signed a memorandum of understanding with Global Rus Trade

The MOU seeks to leverage the respective technological and resource strengths of both countries’ enterprises and jointly promote such collaborative practices to the other BRICS countries. A core member of the BRICS Business Council’s Digital Economy Working Group, which brings together relevant business organizations from all member countries in an in-depth exploration of their industry, NetDragon was also invited to participate and share its independently-developed White Paper on Education Technology in BRICS 2019. The white paper analyzes the current education policy, systems, and performance in each country. “In the future, NetDragon will team up with other member companies to jointly conduct education research and offer planning recommendations for BRICS countries,” said Mo Junqi, vice president of NetDragon who attended the meeting in Johannesburg.

“In addition to working closely with the BRICS countries, NetDragon has confirmed two major partnerships with Russia in the field of smart education in the last two years, bringing our products to more than 20,000 classrooms across the country,” said Dr. Xiong Li, CEO of NetDragon. “Not only is NetDragon seizing the win-win opportunities opened up by rapid globalization, but we are also answering the call of the One Belt, One Road initiative and spearheading strategic cooperation with countries within this historic network, such as Serbia, Myanmar, and Egypt. Last but certainly not least, NetDragon is launching several educational products, platforms, and applications in the United States, Malaysia, and other countries, establishing a robust offering of hardware, software, and content that covers the spectrum of age groups and businesses to meet the diverse educational needs of global users.”

Mo Junqi, vice president of NetDragon gave a speech at BRICS Business Council's Digital Economy Working Group meeting

NetDragon first participated in the BRICS Business Council in 2017 and became a member of the Digital Economy Working Group in July 2018. As it has supported cooperation among BRICS countries and countries within the One Belt, One Road initiative, NetDragon has seen its overseas business flourish and extend further outward to cover more corners of the globe. Not only will this cooperation with Global Rus Trade enhance its efforts to provide digital education services in Russia, but it will also serve as an important step for NetDragon as it continues to cultivate its international objectives and capabilities among the BRICS countries and beyond.

About NetDragon

Established in 1999, NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (HKSE: 0777) (NetDragon) is a global leader in building internet communities. A vertically integrated, cutting-edge R&D powerhouse with a highly successful track record, NetDragon’s achievements include the development of flagship MMORPGs such as Eudemons Online, Heroes Evolved (formerly known as Calibur of Spirit), and Conquer Online. It also established China’s number one online gaming portal,, as well as its most influential smartphone app store platform, 91 Wireless, which was sold to Baidu in 2013 in the then-largest Internet M&A transaction in China. As the country’s pioneer in overseas expansion, NetDragon has also directly operated a number of game titles in over 10 languages since 2003.

For more information, please visit

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Varian Opens Office in South Africa to Support Regional Growth

PALO ALTO, California, April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — At a grand opening ceremony held March 8th, the Varian office in Hertford Office Park, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa was officially inaugurated. Prior to the opening of the permanent location, a provisional office was utilized over the past two years.

Varian’s new facility is fully equipped with a dedicated call center and a connected meeting space. Field service engineers, sales and service managers as well as backoffice support professionals are employed at the office in Midrand. Varian also employs local sales and service managers in KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape, providing broad coverage throughout South Africa.

In Cape Town, South Africa, Varian also offers advanced education courses in collaboration with Groote Schuur Hospital. Several teams from Zimbabwe, Ghana, Ethiopia and Libya have successfully attended these courses, facilitating a better standard of care on the continent.

“We are proud to serve the South African market directly. We have integrated well with local healthcare providers and have witnessed great growth in the private and public sector, gaining significant market share in both our sales and service operations,” said Jean-Luc Devleeschauwer, EMEIA president, Varian. “Opening an office in South Africa has been of paramount importance for our local team and offers a base from which they can collaborate, provide sales and service support to our customers, and strengthen relationships with key stakeholders. In all aspects, our footprint in South Africa has greatly improved access to care throughout the continent.”

About Varian
Varian (NYSE:VAR) is a leader in developing and delivering cancer care solutions and is focused on creating a world without fear of cancer. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Varian employs approximately 7,000 people around the world. For more information, visit and follow @VarianMedSys on Twitter.

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