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50 Dead in DR Congo Fuel Tanker Crash

Around 50 people were killed and another 100 suffered serious burns after a fuel tanker collided with a vehicle in Democratic Republic of Congo on Saturday, a regional official said.
Deputy Governor of Kongo Central province, Atou Matubuana Nkuluki, said authorities were doing what they could to help victims of the crash in the village of Mbuta, about 130 km (80 miles) from the capital.
“We are mourning the death of a about 50 people. There are also about 100 people with second-degree burns,” he said.
Roads in the central African nation are notoriously bad after years of war and neglect.
In 2010, at least 230 people were killed in Congo when a fuel tanker overturned and exploded, unleashing a fire ball that tore through homes and cinemas packed with people watching World Cup soccer.

Source: Voice of America

US First Lady Visits Kenyan Orphans and Elephants

U.S. first lady Melania Trump Friday visited two Kenyan orphanages — one for children, one for elephants — as she neared the end of a week-long tour of Africa.

Trump stopped by the elephant orphanage on a visit to Nairobi National Park, a nature preserve located just a few kilometers south of the Kenyan capital.
Park rangers told the first lady about steps Kenya is taking to conserve the elephant and rhino populations, which have been decimated by poachers. Another 11 rhinos died in July from drinking salty water after a transfer to a new Kenyan sanctuary.
A new Chinese-built railroad running through the park also has been a source of controversy. The project, which split the park in two, was backed by the government over the objections of conservationists who complained of inadequate environmental impact studies.
On Friday, Trump fed a baby elephant using a giant bottle, then got a small bump from another pachyderm as she tried to administer another feeding. Neither the first lady nor the young elephant was injured.
During a 90-minute tour of the park, where she caught glimpses of hippos, a giraffe and other animals, Trump got out of the car to look at an ivory burn site, where the material has been destroyed to discourage the trade in elephant tusks.
After the visit to the park, Trump visited a Nairobi orphanage known as The Nest, which cares mainly for children whose parents have been incarcerated.
Trump’s first-ever visit to Africa and her first extended solo international trip as first lady have included visits to Ghana and Malawi.

Egypt will be her final stop on the four-nation tour to highlight child welfare, education, tourism and conservation.
Trump’s visit includes promoting the work of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the funding of which President Donald Trump has twice proposed slashing by nearly a third. Lawmakers, however, have not approved those requests.

Source: Voice of America

UN: Populist Politics Eroding International Protection for Refugees

The U.N. refugee agency warns populist politics and fear-mongering about immigration are eroding international protection for refugees fleeing conflict and persecution. The UNHCR protection chief spoke about growing protection concerns at the agency’s annual refugee conference.
Conflict, persecution and violence have displaced a record 68.5 million people around the world. Most are internally displaced, while 25 million are refugees. These are people who have crossed international borders and are entitled to international protection under the 1951 Refugee Convention.
But U.N. Assistant High Commissioner for Protection Volker Turk says this right is slipping away. He says some governments are taking political and legal measures to narrow the concept of who is a refugee. He says being able to flee and be recognized as a refugee can be a matter of life and death.
Unfortunately, he notes the issue of security is too often used to adopt restrictive approaches to deny refugees protection.
“Of course, there is no doubt governments need and must ensure the security of their citizens, but this is entirely complementary with providing refuge to people who flee persecution,” said Turk.
Turk says refugees are the victims, not the perpetrators, of violence and terror. He says they often have rejected extremism and been targeted, forcing them to flee for their lives. He says it is unjust to deny security to people who need it most.
“I think both in the global North and the global South, I have to say, it is our observation, that the dehumanization of refugees, of migrants, of IDP’s, of stateless individuals has become a worrying trend,” said Turk. “It results from inappropriate language, misinformation, deterrence, detention, separation of families and children, and ‘warehousing.”
Turk says xenophobia, racism, and bigotry often are driven by fear, anger and anxiety within communities. He says they must be confronted and addressed. He warns history shows how the mistreatment of the foreigner paves the way for the mistreatment of the citizen.

Source: Voice of America

Under Fire About Economy, South Africa’s Ramaphosa Eyes Jobs Plan

Under pressure over his track record on the economy, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa will convene a gathering of top officials and business leaders on Thursday to find solutions to the country’s long-running unemployment crisis.
More than two decades after the end of white minority rule, South Africa still has one of the highest jobless rates among major global economies, with more than a quarter of its work force unemployed.
Ramaphosa, who took over from scandal-plagued Jacob Zuma in February, has made reviving the economy and boosting job creation a cornerstone of his reform drive.
Jobs Summit
At a state of the nation address to parliament shortly after becoming president, he said the Jobs Summit would come up with a set of initiatives to drive inclusive growth.
“The summit is about unblocking economic constraints,” said Tanya Cohen, chief executive of Business Unity South Africa, one of the organisers of the two-day summit outside Johannesburg.
“Some of the proposals have the potential to create jobs and boost growth in the short term, others are about changing the long-term structure of our economy so that it is not too concentrated,” Cohen added.
International organisations including the World Bank have been calling for decisive action to address South Africa’s high levels of unemployment and inequality for many years.
Improved education needed
In its South Africa Economic Update earlier this year, the World Bank said improving the quality of basic education and improving spatial integration between economic hubs were two interventions that could reduce inequality and support job creation.
Ramaphosa’s efforts to revive growth have been welcomed by investors but were dealt a blow last month when data showed the economy had fallen into recession for the first time in a decade.
Since then Ramaphosa has unveiled a “stimulus and recovery plan” to try to get the economy back on track.

Source: Voice of America

Forbes Africa Magazine Honors Benedict Peters With Prestigious Oil & Gas Leader 2018 Award Recognizing His Entrepreneurial And Philanthropic Efforts

NEW YORK, Oct. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Benedict Peters, CEO and Founder of Aiteo Group was bestowed the accolade of Oil & Gas Leader 2018 by Forbes Africa Magazine at a VIP reception in New York September 27, 2018.

International Recognition: Mike Perlis, CEO and Vice-Chairman of Forbes Media (L), presenting the Africa’s Oil and Gas Leader of the Year Award won by Benedict Peters, Executive Vice Chairman, Aiteo Group, at the “Best of Africa” event by Forbes International, to Francis Peters, Deputy Group Managing Director, Aiteo Group, at Forbes Headquarters in New York recently.

The Forbes Award recognized not only the entrepreneurial achievement of Mr. Peters in building Aiteo Group in the past 10 years since its 2008 formation into one of Africa’s fastest growing integrated energy businesses but also his commitment to bettering the life of people and societies across Africa by philanthropic engagement.

Since 2014, “Benny” has been Chairman of the Joseph Agro Foundation, a community level-based charity aiming to improve the lives of rural farmers through a combination of education and practical assistance. Working with the Face Africa organization he has helped bring clean drinking water and improved sanitation to some 25,000 people in Liberia. A keen believer in the power of sport to motivate and inspire youth, Benny has also provided support to sports, sponsoring the Nigeria Football Federation for a five-year period, providing assistance to the Confederation of African Football Awards and the Aiteo Cup.

Another initiative pursued by Mr. Peters is tackling the issue of internally displaced persons within Nigeria through contributions to the Adamawa State Emergency Management Agency. Some 2 million people face economic hardship and poverty which is a barrier to social well-being and economic prosperity which he is determined to champion.

On presenting the award Mike Perlis, Vice-Chairman of Forbes Media said, “recipients are singled out for their work in bringing prosperity to all 55 countries of the African continent.

On Receiving the Oil & Gas Leader 2018 Award from Forbes Benedict Peters commented, “This award motivates us to broaden our vision for the continent, despite all odds, and accelerate her economic transformation. We believe that Africa has what it takes to lead the world and we will continue to push the frontiers of development through our investments in people and technology.

About Aiteo Group
Aiteo Group is an integrated energy, mining, agriculture, infrastructure development, electricity generation and distribution enterprise focused on serving the needs of communities across the African continent by leveraging a unique combination of a strategic asset base, technology and innovation. Aiteo group has rapidly expanding geographic presence in the DRC, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Zambia, Zimbabwe as addition to offices in Geneva and Paris.

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