Maame Hagan inaugurated new Rotary District 9104 Governor

Florence Maame Hagan has been officially inaugurated as the new District Governor (DG) of Rotary International District 9104, succeeding Past District Governor David Osei Amankwah Jnr.

The inauguration marked a significant milestone as DG Hagan became the second District Governor of District 9104, which gained its district status on July 1, 2023.

DG Hagan outlined her vision for the coming year, emphasizing the importance of high ethical standards and long-term impact.

She said: ‘Our goal is to make a lasting difference in our communities and beyond, through meaningful actions and collaborations.’

Her leadership aims to align with Rotary International’s theme for the year, ‘The Magic of Rotary.’

Her one-year term will prioritise action on improving lives, and cultivating a brighter, more peaceful world free from polio.

At the event, the new District Governor Maame Hagan, District Governor Maame Hagan resonated with Rotary International’s theme, ‘The Magic of Rotary,’ because it embodies the essence of R
otary’s ‘Service above Self.’

She emphasized that the magic lies within each Rotarian and their actions. ‘Your dedication, donations, and volunteerism fuel the positive changes we create. Without them, progress stagnates, and dreams remain unfulfilled.’

District Governor Maame Hagan expressed gratitude for the unwavering commitment to Rotary’s ideals, international understanding, community development, and the pursuit of peace and polio eradication. She challenged everyone to elevate their Rotary experience by maximizing impact, expanding reach, and adapting to fuel growth.

She highlighted the district’s achievements in polio eradication (‘Project 50 Lives’), vaccine access (‘Solar Vaccine Project’), and environmental sustainability (‘Rotary Greens Ghana’) as testaments to Rotary’s power.

‘These initiatives serve as models for even greater impact in the coming year,’ the new DG said.

Under DG Hagan’s leadership, District 9104 aims to continue its impactful service projects that address critical areas suc
h as education, environmental sustainability, water and sanitation, and youth development.

District 9104, comprising 66 Rotary clubs and 50 Rotaract clubs with over 3,000 members, is set to expand its membership by 200 and form five new clubs in the upcoming year. The district will also focus on empowering young girls, enhancing mental health awareness, and continuing the fight against polio.

Highlights of the district’s achievements include the successful launch of ‘Rotary Greens Ghana,’ a tree-planting initiative, and the Solar Vaccine Shelter Project, which provides essential vaccine storage solutions in remote communities.

Maame is a distinguished Rotarian with over two decades of dedicated service, has made notable contributions to the Rotary Club of Accra-East and the wider Rotary community.

Her journey with Rotary began in November 1999, under the mentorship of PP Edwin Sam. Throughout her tenure, DG Hagan has held various key leadership positions, including President, Secretary, and Director of mu
ltiple service avenues. Her commitment and excellence have earned her recognition as Rotarian of the Year twice.

Florence Maame Hagan’s extensive professional background, including over 30 years of experience in legal practice and her role as the managing partner of Hagan Law Company, further strengthens her leadership capabilities.

She is a respected member of the Ghana Bar Association, Ghana Arbitration Centre, and the African Women Lawyers Association (AWLA).

Mr. Annan Arkyin Cato, Diplomat and former Ghana’s High Commissioner in London, who was the Guest of Honour, praised Rotary’s remarkable service to communities worldwide.

He admitted that his initial lack of familiarity with Rotary turned into deep appreciation as his career brought him in contact with many Rotarians. Witnessing their work firsthand sparked his curiosity about Rotary’s impact.

Through Rotary, Mr. Cato said he discovered a profound truth-that humanity shares a core desire for peace, prosperity, and happiness, regardless of backgro

He said Rotary serves as a powerful tool that aligns with these universal aspirations.

‘The fact that this belief drives Rotary’s noble goals truly inspires me,’ he said, adding, ‘May this commitment to service continue to be the cornerstone of Rotary.’

Mr. Cato emphasized that public service within Rotary is not contingent on wealth, but rather on dedication and a passion for helping others

Commenting on Rotary’s new theme, ‘The Magic of Rotary,’ Mr. Cato stated: ‘I see this as a call to further strengthen your collaborative efforts and partnerships in serving society.

‘Remember, Rotary is more than just an organization; it’s a global movement, a force for good that makes a positive difference. You bring peace, foster partnerships and fellowship among professionals, eradicate diseases like polio, and empower young leaders to protect our planet.’

The ceremony at Labadi Beach Hotel was attended by esteemed guests, Rotarians, and partners, who celebrated the accomplishments of Past District Governor
David Osei Amankwah Jnr. and welcomed the new era of leadership and service under DG Hagan.

Rotary International District 9104 is part of a global network of Rotary clubs dedicated to providing humanitarian service and advancing goodwill.

The district, which includes clubs from Ghana, focuses on key areas such as peacebuilding, disease prevention, literacy, water sanitation, economic development, and maternal and child health.

Source: Ghana News Agency