Christian workers urged to embrace Artificial Intelligence at workplace

Prophet David Kankam Beditor, Obuasi Area Head of the Church of Pentecost, has urged Christians to work smart by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities while maintaining a critical awareness of its ethical dimensions.

He said they should engage with AI in an innovative and reflective way of their values and ensure it enhances their lives.

Speaking at the bi-monthly gathering of Pentecost Mineworkers in and around Obuasi, Prophet Beditor said it was important for Christian workers to adapt and thrive in the unfolding era of AI.

The regular meeting is organized to create a platform to offer prayers for the success of the mining sector, particularly the mine in Obuasi, and seek divine intervention for the workers, the church, and the people of Obuasi.

Prophet Beditor pointed out that as AI was being integrated into various aspects of life, it presented unique opportunities for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in workplaces.

He said most Christians had differing views on AI, with many rec
ognizing its potential to empower individuals.

However, others had expressed ethical concerns about the use of AI technologies in the workplace.

He said Christians needed to embrace it while maintaining a critical awareness of its ethical dimensions.

Prophet Beditor urged the Pentecost Mine Workers to embody the essence of shine in their professional pursuits, to ensure they remained relevant amidst the rise of AI in the industry.

This would enable them to offer a comprehensive strategy for leading a balanced, and rewarding life, ensuring competence in all spheres.

Source: Ghana News Agency