Huawei Hosts Global Rail Summit 2022 in Bangkok

BANGKOK, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Huawei Global Rail Summit 2022 brought together industry leaders, major stakeholders, key customers, and authoritative organizations to discuss the future of the rail industry in the Asia Pacific region. The Summit looks to invigorate the digital transformation of rail enterprises in the region and globally. Huawei uses the latest ICTs to help cities in Southeast Asia upgrade their infrastructure, creating new momentum for urban development and a digital APAC.

A satellite event to the long-standing Asia Pacific Rail 2022, the Summit was themed Driving Digitalization in Future Rail to Create New Value Together. Asia Pacific Rail is a long-standing event in the region, which has brought together over 25,000 industry leaders over the past 23 years. Huawei also hosted a booth at the event, showcasing some of the company’s cutting-edge portfolio of rail industry solutions.

“As a leading global ICT solution provider, Huawei proposes smart railway and urban rail solutions with a full-service architecture based on diversified connectivity and unified digital platform, enabling rail digitalization and business intelligence.” said Aaron Wang, Huawei’s Senior Vice President for the Asia Pacific Enterprise Business Group.

“We are seeing a rapid increase in the digitalization of rail transport. Both railways and urban rails are shifting away from station-specific systems to using rail cloud infrastructure to interconnect services. There is also a push toward smarter, more integrated systems. We foresee these being rolled out on a large scale in the near future, which is why Huawei is already designing and launching intelligent, comprehensive solutions for the industry,” said Xiang Xi, Vice President of the Huawei Global Transportation Business Unit.

The Huawei Global Rail Summit 2022 followed a packed agenda on innovation, digitalization, and future-proof rail transport.

Li Zhonghao, Director of the China Association of Metros, shared China’s experience in the digital transformation of metro systems. The State Railway of Thailand and CRSC International looked at strategies to reshape connectivity, deploy innovative ICTs, and build robust communication infrastructure for railways.

The Huawei Global Rail Summit also saw the launch of the Future Railway Mobile Communications System (FRMCS) White Paper. Fresh off the press, the paper discusses the latest trends and innovative practices in mobile communications systems for railways and metro systems. Aimed at decision-makers and industry leaders, it sums up some of the most prominent technologies in the field today as well as sharing best practices on deploying top-of-the-line communications solutions.

In addition, Huawei also shared several best practices and showcased its solutions at a booth at the Asia Pacific Rail 2022. One of the highlights was the Urban Rail Wi-Fi 6 Vehicle-to-Ground Communication Network Solution. The solution enables near-real-time data transmission for rail transport. This vehicle-to-ground communication network is a whole new way for trains to share data, ensure safety, and promote efficiency. Trains can communicate with stations and command centers even when traveling at high-speeds, nearly eliminating information transmission delays.

The Summit demonstrated the industry’s consensus on the need to go digital, and to do so quickly. Huawei looks forward to continued cooperation with industry customers and ecosystem partners. Huawei delivers innovative digital infrastructure to help the rail transport industries in the Asia Pacific region and around the world go digital. The company’s low-carbon, smart rail solutions offer improved safety, efficiency, and experience, boosting urban development and creating new value for the industry to create digital city together.

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