Zoompass Corporate Update

TORONTO, ONTARIO-Zoompass Holdings Inc. (“Zoompass” or the “Company”) (OTCQB:ZPAS) is announces corporate update.

Private Placements

The Company is in the process of completing a series of private placements with accredited investors, through the subscription of common shares. The private placements are expected to raise gross proceeds of approximately C$250,000

10-K Filing

The Company expects to file its 10-K form for the period ended December 31, 2016 over the next several days.

About Zoompass

Zoompass Inc. is a leading financial services technology company with a unique place in the Fintech space as both a financial platform provider with divisions in physical prepaid cards, financing enablement, and mobility products. Zoompass provides businesses and government tailored solutions to help digitize their financial transactions. In the card sector, Zoompass offers complete program management services for a wide range of open loop Visa� and MasterCard� prepaid and virtual card accounts. Zoompass enables businesses to provide their customers with a number of open loop card choices including, gift card, incentive cards, cheque replacement cards and online virtual card accounts. The company also provides advanced mobile technology, enabling businesses to provide their customers with a white label mobile wallet solution, like Zoompass, with the ability to manage their card balances, bill pay, transfer funds and perform card to card money transfers in real time using their mobile devices. Zoompass’s mobile device division helps carriers and mobile device manufacturers integrate the financial platform technology into their offerings.

Source: Zoompass Holdings Inc.