Written question – Granting market economy status to the People's Republic of China – E-001500/2016

The allegedly automatic granting of market economy status to China upon expiry, on 11 December 2016, of Article 15 of China’s Protocol of Accession to the World Trade Organisation of 2001 would force the EU to amend calculation methods for certain anti-dumping measures concerning Chinese products to bring them in line with those applicable to countries with a market economy.

In plenary on 1 February, in response to a question asked on behalf of the INTA Committee, Commissioner Malmström stated that she was fully aware of the considerable damage that changing these methods could have on the economy and employment in Europe.

1. Does the Commission intend to update the report on the five technical criteria for China to meet to be granted market economy status before taking any relevant action?

2. Will the Commission conduct a full impact assessment of potentially granting China market economy status and, if so, what methods will be used to assess the economic and social effects of such a decision?

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