Violation of the code of ethics and ethics of elected officials

BEACONSFIELD, QUEBEC – Beaconsfield City Council exceptionally passed a resolution of blame last night against Councilor Pierre Demers and asked the Municipal Commission of Quebec to crack down on him for having contravened To the code of ethics and ethics of elected officials while attempting to testify in a lawsuit in favor of Yale Properties Ltd, to the detriment of the interests of the population and the City.

“This behavior is serious. Councilor Pierre Demers acted against the interests of citizens and the City. In this context, members of the Board must, in accordance with their obligations and responsibilities as public administrators, formally condemn such derogatory behavior and submit it to the appropriate public authority, “explained Mayor Georges Bourelle and All of the other elected members of the board, namely David Pelletier, Karen Messier, Wade Staddon, Roger Moss and Peggy Alexopoulos, by passing the motion of reprimand.

Councilor Pierre Demers visited the Montreal courthouse on March 16, met with the prosecutor of the company that sued the City, Yale Properties Ltd, and offered the prosecutor to testify for that firm against the interests of The City, without notifying the city prosecutor in the context of long and costly proceedings that have been ongoing since 2010.

However, four elected officials were already officially involved as witnesses at the trial, namely two former municipal councilors, a municipal councilor and the mayor.

“It is important to respect the obligations of a public administrator. The code of ethics governing elected officials is clear. We must act with vigilance and discernment with regard to the interest of the Municipality. We must act with integrity, prudence, respect, loyalty, fairness and confidentiality. When Mr. Demers offered to testify for a company that has been involved in court proceedings against the City for seven years, he has acted against all the fundamental principles that govern and govern us, “explained Mayor and the other five municipal councilors.

In doing so, Mr. Demers contravened numerous sections of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Municipal Officials, adopted on February 24, 2014, in particular regarding articles on integrity, prudence in pursuing the public interest , Loyalty to the Municipality and the honor values attached to the offices of elected officials, and certain sections governing conflicts of interest and the use or disclosure of confidential information.

The resolution of censure was adopted by a majority, with the exception of Mr. Demers. To avoid being a judge and party, the municipal council asked that the case be submitted for investigation and sanction to the Commission municipale du Quebec.

Source: City of Beaconsfield