ViewSonic Canada is experiencing strong growth in Q1 2017 under the leadership of its new CEO Deidre Deacon

TORONTO, ONTARIO -ViewSonic Corp. , A global leader in providing visual solutions, has just completed its first quarter with a new Canadian organizational structure under the leadership of its CEO Deidre Deacon. Following the appointment of me Deacon last fall to a new position larger, organizational structure of the Canadian team has been redesigned to offer a new growth strategy for adding new niche market Of the Company in Canada, to deepen the intermediary partnerships and to include plans to launch new solutions and product categories in the coming year. Driven by the dynamism of enlightened M me Deacon ViewSonic Canada is already outstripping the industry’s growth rate, doubling its volume of large format displays (LFDs) in both units sold and revenues year after year. In the last quarter, ViewSonic Canada recorded a 15% increase over the previous year in the number of units delivered across all categories and double-digit growth compared to the previous quarter (Q4 2016).

“Last quarter’s results for Canada exceeded the Company’s expectations and projected a growing market image for large format displays with interactive displays,” said Jeff Volpe, President of ViewSonic Americas. “The promise of our brand is based on outstanding performance, unmatched value and world-class customer support. Under the aegis of M me Deacon, and strong support from our brilliant team and our talented channel partners, we are quite up to our promise. With our innovative product and product launch program this year, An optimal positioning to meet market demands and will be able to continue working with our partners to generate remarkable growth for all parties over the next five years. “

As Deputy CEO of ViewSonic Canada, Deidre Deacon is the Corporation’s highest management and oversight role in the country – from predicting sales growth, maintaining and developing the supplier distribution network To the direction of overall strategic planning. She was appointed to this position following a successful 18-year career at ViewSonic, which included positions of increasing responsibility in sales and management in both Canada and the United States. Under the direction of M me Deacon, the restructured Canadian team delivered its best results to date in the category of large format display (LFD), exceeding industry growth as a whole.

A double-digit growth expected for large format displays with d ‘ interactive display

The demand for ViewSonic’s large format interactive display screens fueled with new trends in resolution, color performance and productivity. At the forefront of this product line is the ViewSonic ViewBoard � , a line of interactive flat panel displays designed to stimulate participation and creativity by enabling users to write, highlight, Transforming documents and images onto the screen in real time. The products are optimized to perform both in a classroom and a board of directors. According to PMA Research, an analyst firm specializing in market data from the large screen display industry,

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Storm Division – a reseller of ViewSonic products focused on rapidly evolving web design, marketing and software solutions – is an example of an intermediate partner that successfully integrated a range Of large screen display products with interactive capability in offering solutions to meet the growing demand of its customers from all walks of industry.

According to Nathan MacKenzie, General Manager of Marketing at Storm Division: “The applications are now more diversified, while the technology makes it possible to make screens much more robust and perfectly integrated. There is a growing demand for large format display solutions from small businesses and the automotive industry, as well as casinos and other commercial properties. Everyone succumbs to this factor of wonder. As interest in the product increases, we are constantly feeding our projects with creative and original projects, and this is just the beginning. The applications are endless. “

Source: ViewSonic Corp.