Travel Capitalist Ventures Makes Series B Investment in Voopter, Brazil’s Largest Airline Ticket Search Engine

DOHA, Qatar, March 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — After reaching the mark of two million users per month to become the largest flight metasearch engine in Brazil, Travel Capitalist Ventures announces a substantive investment in Voopter.

The “Series B” comes from Travel Capitalist Ventures (Qatar office), a travel focused investment firm providing capital, hands-on advice and resources, as well as a co-investment with No Borders Investments Limited (Doha). The investment supports the expansion of Voopter’s operations as well as future partnerships for the company in the tourism trade.

According to Abrar Ahmad, Managing Partner at Travel Capitalist Ventures, “Voopter epitomizes the kind of ‘must do’ investment we love to make at Travel Capitalist Ventures. The challenging regional climate overshadows lucrative travel investment opportunities, and there’s no better example than our Series B investment in Voopter.”

Travel Capitalist Ventures’ investment adds to the round from Global Founders Capital, a German venture capital company that trains talented entrepreneurs globally. This is their second investment in the Brazilian flight search startup.

Voopter’s unique offerings are geared to Brazilian consumers, who prefer to receive personalized promotional information and to plan trips in advance. Voopter provides tools adapted to this traveler profile such as a multi-dates calendar, collaborative alert system and curated content.

“This investment will help us to speed up our growth in the Brazilian market, where Voopter is already the leading metasearch,” says Pettersom Paiva, CEO of Voopter. “But there is still great potential for growth. It will also back the launch of our ‘media’ and ‘data’ divisions, which will consolidate our offers for other travel business than airlines and OTA’s.”

About Travel Capitalist Ventures
Founded in 2010, Travel Capitalist Ventures is the first multi-stage investment firm focused exclusively on travel private equity and venture capital investments worldwide. Travel Capitalist Ventures investments collectively transact over $1B USD annually, and they invest in an average of three to five companies in key travel markets such as the Middle East, India, Brazil, and South Africa through offices in Irvine, California; Doha, Qatar; and, Durban, South Africa. Travel Capitalist Ventures invests capital and provides actionable travel industry-specific advice, introductions to suppliers and customers, and hands-on help to expand within and across travel markets. Learn more at

About Voopter
Voopter is the leading flight metasearch in Brazil, with more than two million users and 250,000 cross tickets per month. The company presents the best fares available both through airlines and online travel agencies. Available at no cost on the web, and on iOS and Android systems, it features a unique multi-dates calendar, while the system shows users the cheapest trip combination. In addition, Voopter offers users the option to create alerts, which generates notifications when the ticket price is within the range the user is willing to pay. More information can be found at

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