The PurePower� PW800 engine is approaching high-speed commissioning

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND -Pratt & Whitney Canada (P & WC) today announced that its PurePower PW800 engine is in the final preparations for its entry into service by the end of the year, sooner than expected, after A number of important milestones. This avant-garde powertrain is the only new engine in its category of thrust to enter service. P & WC is a United Technologies Corp. company. (NYSE: UTX).

A mature technology

“The PurePower PW800 has proven that the technology it contains is ready, after thousands of hours of rigorous testing on the ground and in the air, where it exceeded expectations,” said Scott McElvaine, Vice President , Marketing and Customer Service, PurePower PW800 engines. Engine testing has reached a mark of more than 13,000 hours, including more than 6,000 hours onboard the P & WC flight test bench and Gulfstream G500 and G600 flight testers.

Recent months have been quite busy for the new engine: it propelled the first Gulfstream G600 flight in December 2016 and received FAA approval on February 14, 2017; It should get the EASA one shortly. At the same time, P & WC has been responsible for drafting the initial technical publications on the engine, the launch of engine maintenance training and the development of P & WC’s global support network, industry leader. It includes parts distribution centers that are now fully equipped to provide expert and dedicated support to operators from around the world. “As soon as customers are ready to fly their PurePower PW800 engine, we will be ready to support them,” said McElvaine, Including those who have chosen to enroll their engines in our on-time payroll program. “

ESP � PurePower � PW800: new customer listings

From now on, customers can register for the ESP PurePower PW800 engine maintenance program. This support solution offers a high quality service and adapts to the specific needs of owners and operators. It gives them peace of mind by using engine performance to define a comprehensive set of technical, maintenance and support offerings. This engine maintenance plan for the PurePower PW800 engine is recognized by the aircraft manufacturer and provides a predictable, prevention-oriented environment that is designed to maximize aircraft productivity and performance.

This plan provides comprehensive coverage for major revisions and maintenance on the runway, planned or unplanned. It includes many services, from motor washing to endoscopic examination, to troubleshooting and immediate access to technical experts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all in order to maintain the devices In flight.

Careful design that first thinks of the customer

Every aspect of the PurePower PW800 engine has been meticulously designed with the convenience, comfort and satisfaction of owners, maintenance specialists, operators, pilots and passengers in mind. It is optimized for an unparalleled passenger experience as its low noise and vibration design ensures an exceptionally quiet cabin.

What’s more, the engine is designed to offer the best availability and ease of maintenance in its class. With a predictable technical availability of 99.99%, the robustness of the design and maintainability of the powertrain will provide greater peace of mind to customers. P & WC expects a 40% reduction in periodic maintenance (without removal) and 20% in inspections compared to other engines of the same category. The service life without removal is also higher than any other engine of its kind, the first maintenance visit being planned at 10,000 hours or more.

P & WC will be present at EBACE 2017 in Geneva from 22 to 24 May. Visit us at booth 0105A to learn more about our state-of-the-art engines, including the PurePower PW800, and our customer service offerings.

About Pratt & Whitney Canada

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Source: Pratt & Whitney Canada