The Lumenpulse Group unveils its newest product families at Lightfair 2017

MONTREAL, QUEBEC – Lumenpulse Group (TSX: LMP), a leading manufacturer of high-performance LED lighting solutions, is ready to unveil Products from four of its brands, including Lumenalpha’s latest family of architectural cylinders; The urban technical center of Lumenarea; The newest Lumenpulse optics range and award-winning Fluxwerx luminaires.

“The Lightfair is an ideal opportunity to showcase the strong collaboration of the Lumenpulse Group’s technology portfolio and how each brand has innovated in its own market segments,” said Francois-Xavier Souvay, President and Chief Executive Officer Of Lumenpulse. Visitors will see how our comprehensive range of products and technologies complement and meet the majority of architectural specifications on the market. “

At the booth, Lumenpulse Group will showcase its technological synergy by demonstrating its revolutionary Lumentalk technology. Recently launched with new color changing lighting capabilities, Lumentalk is a patented technology for communication between electrical circuits that transforms the existing electrical infrastructure into a bidirectional data communication link. Lumentalk facilitates the introduction of digitally controlled LEDs and the creation of lighting systems with networking capabilities without the costs and disruption of adding new cables.

Visitors to the Lumenpulse booth (# 1435) will also see:

From the Lumenalpha brand,

Lumenalpha Cylindres , the brand new addition to this brand’s growing line of products for commercial, hotel and retail environments. The Cylinder architectural family is available in a wide variety of sizes, mounting options, colors and luminous fluxes, with replaceable accessories and optics on site (10 , 20 , 40 , 60 , wallwash Asymmetric single and double).

An overview of the latest Lumenalpha projectors. The Nio, Zen and M-Series luminaires, which are expected to launch in North America in the summer of 2017, share the same high performance characteristics, beam quality and exceptional service life of 225,000 hours.

From the Fluxwerx brand,

A demonstration of third-generation anidolic optics technology and new homogeneous Fluxwerx lenses. Fluxwerx constantly defies industry standards with lower luminous luminaires, higher efficiency and higher energy density, combined with improved aesthetics and transparent appearance.

A wide selection of new options for architectural end pieces and finishes, including transparent anodised aluminum, metallic silver powder paint and custom RAL colors.

The Notch. A low-gloss, high-efficiency, recessed linear luminaire with a unique hollow opening and vertical orientation, now available in a new 10 cm (4 “) wide version. With many wall-ceiling recessed transitions and junctions, this luminaire creates a slot for infinite configurations for both horizontal and vertical applications.

From the Lumenarea brand,

The first official presentation of the Lumentech post in Lumenarea . Extruded aluminum pole, distinctively elegant, with external ribs that are functional to attach equipment and accessories such as street signs. Offered in different heights, the Lumentech will instantly become a contemporary classic.

From the Lumenpulse brand,

The latest optical ranges Lumenfacade of Lumenpulse. Lumenfacade products are now available in 15 different optical distributions, allowing them to adapt perfectly to a myriad of innovative applications, designs and profiles.

An overview of Lumenbeam XLarge ‘s new very narrow optics. The narrow 4-degree optics will provide an exceptional light of up to 1,000,000 candelas, enough to project 1 foot candlelight at a distance of 305 m (1000 ft).

Lightfair International 2017 is held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, May 9-11.

Editor’s Notes:

About the Lumenpulse Group

Founded in 2006, Lumenpulse Group designs, develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of durable, high-performance LED lighting solutions for commercial, institutional and urban environments. The Lumenpulse Group is a leader among companies providing only LED Category Specification lighting solutions and has won several awards and recognitions, including numerous Product Innovation Awards (PIAs), three Next Generation Lighting Design Awards, Four Red Dot Product Design Awards, a Lightfair Innovation Award and an IF Design Award. The Lumenpulse Group now has 670 employees worldwide and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with offices in Vancouver, Quebec City, Boston, Paris, Florence, London and Manchester. Lumenpulse Inc., the parent company of the Lumenpulse Group, is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol LMP.

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