The ARIHQ deplores the fact that the vulnerable people housed at the Maison Jean-Eudes-Bergeron in Alma are victims of the lack of recognition and empathy of the government

MONTREAL, QUEBEC -The announcement of the closure of the intermediate resource The Jean-Eudes Bergeron House has raised a real impulse of solidarity in the community of Alma.

This situation forces the displacement of 20 people with disabilities because the government does not recognize the extent of the needs made necessary by their vulnerability.

The Association of Intermediary Residences of Quebec (ARIHQ) again regrets the lack of listening and empathy on the part of the delegated minister, Lucie Charlebois, who reacted by stating that this is a Administrative problem internal to the intermediate resource.

This announcement comes as the Minister of Health announced, in the last few weeks, additional funding in the public accommodation network and stated that

The hiring of additional staff, coupled with the implementation of best practices, would create real environments of respect and privacy, security, dignity and physical and psychological well-being of Residents “.

However, the ARIHQ notes the absence of sums dedicated to the consolidation of the current accommodation places in intermediate resources, as is the case for La Maison Jean-Eudes Bergeron

This type of intermediate resource is an ideal place to welcome residents into a human environment that is adapted to their needs and rooted in the community, “says Johanne Pratte, Executive Director of ARIHQ. “However, the gap between the users’ service needs and the level of compensation awarded by the Ministry in support and assistance makes it impossible to continue the activities of La Maison Jean-Eudes Bergeron,” Pratte said.

For several months the ARIHQ has been urging the Department of Health and Social Services that with the current funding it is difficult to meet the increasingly complex needs of the people housed and to maintain qualified and trained staff In order to guarantee the quality of services and the safety of users. Intermediate resources find that they do not find listening necessary despite their repeated heart-cries, while their work with vulnerable people is paramount. Residents are entitled to quality services and, on the other hand, the beneficiary attendants need adequate training rooted in their reality, “adds Pratte.

The ARIHQ asked the Minister to intervene quickly in order to adjust the needs assessment tool for vulnerable persons housed in IR so that the funding received was in line with the services required. In recent years, ARIHQ and its members have made every effort to remedy this gap, but the situation has become untenable, to the point where resources such as La Maison Jean-Eudes Bergeron have to close. It is imperative that intermediate resources that are entrusted with vulnerable people get the support they need to adequately and humanely respond to their needs.


The Intermediate Resource Network (IRN) has 880 intermediate resources that house more than 13,000 vulnerable people in all regions of Quebec. These resources hire more than 10,000 employees, nearly 80% of whom are women. The ARIHQ is officially recognized by the Department of Health and Social Services to represent all intermediate accommodation resources in Quebec.

Source: Association of Intermediate Residences of Quebec (ARIHQ)