Sudan and Norway agree on partnership to tackle illegal migration

Norway and Sudan have agreed to form a partnership on the combating of illegal migration, terrorism and human trafficking through Sudan to the neighboring countries on their way to Europe.

The Sudanese ministry of foreign affairs said in statement seen by APA on Wednesday that the two countries have agreed to work together on the fight against illegal migration and human trafficking.

The European Union, Germany, Sweden and the United States have recently provided financial and technical support to the government of Sudan to combat illegal migration and human trafficking which is quite widespread in the eastern states of Sudan near the borders with Ethiopia and Eritrea.

“A visiting Norwegian delegation headed by the director of bilateral relations Ambassador Atina Smith has discussed in Khartoum ways to coordinate action to fight against illegal immigration and terrorism.

“The two countries agreed to continue political consultations and to work together to enhance bilateral relations, implement joint programs and exchange of visits between officials” the Sudanese statement explained.

During the past months, Norway has decided to send back thousands of illegal immigrants crossing Russia’s border.

Sudan has become one of the main transit routes of illegal migration and human trafficking of Africans attempting to seek refuge in Europe.

International reports have accused the Sudanese police of involvement in human trafficking activities in the eastern Sudanese states.

Norway is playing key role in the humanitarian efforts to support the IDPs and refugees in Sudan.

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