Stripe’s new business project in Cuba and its outcomes in the country

The Stripe and its new business project in Cuba

The Stripe is known to be the most prominent name in the world when it comes to the safe online payment solution all across the world and its rapidly growing success indicates that it is trusted by the entrepreneurs and successful businesses all across the world. But this time it has come up with another new business project and the country that it is targeting is none other than Cuba, which has also happened to be in the limelight because of President Obama’s visit to it. The Stripe has recently launched Atlas, a toolkit for all those startups that are to incorporate in the United States and create a foundation for accelerating their businesses online. Focusing largely on small businesses that are outside of the United States, Atlas happens to make a notable addition to the list of countries that have already been covered in this program and as the company has arrived in Cuba, so it is making it able to accept Atlas applicants from Cuba and that will help Cuban startups to incorporate in the United States.

The expected purpose of this new program for Cuba

This newly brought program to Cuba reflects the move to bring United States tech services into Cuba and give Cuban entrepreneurs a platform to expand their businesses and ideas to the United States and nurture tech trade with both United States and Cuba. One must notice that all these developments in all the fields in Cuba, took place after the great visit of President Barack Obama to Cuba and his this visit to Cuba, is also being taken as the first ever visit of any United States’ president to Cuba in 90 years.

Cuban small businesses and this Atlas

Since this new project of Stripe has arrived in Cuba, in the corporate sector of Cuba, there is a hope now that Cuban businesses will reach to the next higher level and get international recognition and find unexplored marketplaces to dominate. After the arrival of Atlas in Cuba, the Cuban startups will have proper access to Atlas, and this recent initiative by Stripe, is being considered, is its first move for adding products other than payments. These consist of incorporation so far only in Delaware, share issuance for investors and employees, adding directors, making up bank accounts and Stripe payment accounts and collaborating with the Specialists from companies such as Orrick and PwC on taxes and various other accounting details. When it comes to other countries, Stripe is involved with local companies for outreach in this specific case Merchise Startup Circle and in total the company is collaborating with 70 groups all across the world.

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