PRETORIA, South African Public Service and Administration Minister Ayanda Dlodlo has left for Tblisi, Georgia, to participate in the 5th Open Government Partnership Global Summit which began there on Tuesday.

The OGP is a multi-national initiative dedicated to strengthening the principles of open and transparent government, strengthening co-creation and citizen engagement, fighting corruption, as well as fostering innovation in public service delivery, the Public Administration Department says.

Dlodlo will address a high-level panel on rebooting the public service in which she is expected to focus on the successes of South Africa’s innovations, which are designed to bring the government closer to the people and improve public service delivery performance.

The OGP is an important platform to gain meaningful citizen engagement strategies which can bring citizens closer to government and to also include them in important government decision-making platforms, from local to national levels.

The people’s government must be open, it must be transparent and it must be inclusive for it to truly be a government by the people, for the people, said Dlodlo, who is accompanied by GovChat chief executive officer Eldrid Jordaan at the three-day OGP Summit.

GovChat is South Africa’s largest civic engagement platform, which enables citizens to speak directly to government and their elected public representatives at no cost, while also allowing government to receive critical service delivery related feedback in real time.

Source: NAM News Network