South Africa: Businessmen Sentenced for Illegal Diamond Dealing

Northern Cape – Two of the twenty prominent business people who were arrested in Kimberley and other provinces were sentenced by the Sandton High Court for dealing in uncut diamond.

The men had been implicated in contravening the Diamonds Act and were consequently charged with Racketeering, Money Laundering, Corruption, Dealing in Uncut Diamonds and Fraud. The duo was among the suspects traced and arrested in Gauteng for illegal diamond dealing transaction committed in Kimberley.

Ismail Collier (47) and Antonio Ingala (72) pleaded guilty on 13 December 20116 and were each fined R7, 5 million to be paid into CARA account. Additionally, the Sandton High Court sentenced them to five years imprisonment wholly suspended for 5 years with stringent conditions that they are not found guilty of similar offences for the said period.

The remaining prominent business suspects will continue with their trial early January 2017 in Kimberley.

Source: South African Police Service