Policy to Regulate Land Use Being Developed, Kaimenyi Says

By Ouma Wanzala

The government is in the process of developing a national land use policy to regulate the planning and use of land for sustainable development, Land Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi has said.

Prof Kaimenyi observed that sound land governance is fundamental in achieving sustainable development and poverty reduction.

He made the remarks during the 2016 Annual World Bank conference on land and poverty in Washington DC on Thursday.

“The government has undertaken to improve land management through the introduction of electronic land management systems, “said Prof Kaimenyi.

The cabinet Secretary said the development of these systems are in line with country’s ICT policy which provides a roadmap that guides the transformation of the country towards e-governance.

He noted that land governance is about the policies, processes and institutions by which land, property and natural resources are managed.

Prof Kaimenyi said that governments all over the World are introducing e-government as a strategic option to fine tune service delivery in their different government structures.

“E-governance helps to facilitate government to manage resources, implement plans and policies along with efficient service delivery to the citizens,” said Prof Kaimenyi.

He disclosed that the government is implementing an initiative for establishment of Kenya National Spatial Data Infrastructure (KNDSI) for efficient management of geospatial data in the country.

“The government of Kenya is constructing Continuous Operating Reference Stations (CORS) to support three dimensional positioning, meteorology, space weather and geographical applications throughout the country,” said Prof Kaimenyi.

He added that the government has developed a land rent collection system that allows land rent information to be accessed through online platforms noting that this would enhance retrieval of information on amounts owed to the government and show updates of payments.

Source: All Africa