PHNIX to Launch New High-end Ultra-thin Water Fan Coil Products in the Middle East Market

GUANGZHOU, China, April 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — PHNIX, a leading manufacturer of heat pumps and Ultra-thin Water Fan Coils in China, will release more new energy-saving products to help support local business partners to develop the market in the Middle East, including two high-end water fan coils, according to an interview with Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of PHNIX global overseas business.

Several existing products in some emerging markets in the Middle East area will enjoy a 50% discount when PHNIX Ultra-thin Water Fan Coils are launched. With low noise of 25dB(A), ultra-thin casing of 130mm and a fashionable appearance, the units stand out from the terminal markets.

PHNIX product manager Floyd expressed that over the years PHNIX has always attached great importance to cooperation with Middle East business partners, specifically developing new customized products for Middle East users, such as launching Ultra-thin Water Fan Coils. In fact, previously they had a few successful domestic applications in some countries in the Middle East.

About PHNIX Ultra-thin Water Fan Coils

Compared with traditional heating radiators, PHNIX Ultra-thin Water Fan Coils can decrease energy consumption by more than 30%. Thanks to the specialized internal structure design, PHNIX ultra-thin fan coils of 130mm thickness casing save more space for users’ room when compared with that of common fan coils (generally of 250mm). The use of cross-flow fans combined with new wind-guiding technology makes the units emit less noise. The advanced control makes well-proportioned temperature distribution and helps people feel more comfortable.

When combined with heat pump units, the fan coil units can meet different heating or cooling requirements. The units are flexible to install wherever the users want because of their varied installation ways. There are three methods for users to choose: ceiling mounted, floor standing or wall mounted.


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