pH Miners Inc. Releases 2 New Cryptocurrency Miners

Developed for Bitcoin and Litecoin, New Miners Offer Highest Standards of Quality at Affordable Prices for Users

NEW YORK, March 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — pH Miners Inc. has officially launched two new, highly powerful miners for Bitcoin and Litecoin, two of the leading cryptocurrencies in the world.

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The company has developed the miners—Bitcoin Miner 25/THs and Litecoin Miner 1000MH/s—to enable users to more easily process digital transactions and quickly monitor the release of new digital coins. Each miner retails at $3,000 and comes with all of the necessary equipment, including the control unit, cabling and casing, making it fast and easy to set up and operate.

“We are absolutely thrilled to launch these two new cryptocurrency miners and make them available to people located all around the world,” said Eric Franklin, CEO of pH Miners. “Our top priority is to make sure our products allow users to make the most out of the digital currency revolution that continues to grow on a global level.”

pH Miner’s new Litecoin Miner 1000 MH/s comes with the ability to mine both Litecoin and a variety of other cryptocurrencies across the globe. Both miners have undergone comprehensive testing throughout multiple stages of their manufacturing processes, ensuring the highest standards of quality possible.

The company, based in New York City, has a team of specialists on staff with years of experience working closely with both Bitcoin and Litecoin hardware. In creating its cryptocurrency miners, the team uses only top-quality materials and components, making the products highly durable and long-lasting for users. pH Miners only accepts payment in Bitcoin, provides an extended 15-year warranty to cover any types of failure in its products and offers free shipping to anywhere in the world via UPS or FedEx.

Bitcoin and Litecoin have risen significantly in popularity over the past several years, with one Bitcoin currently worth about $400 U.S. dollars. Litecoin is now worth a more modest three U.S. dollars, but has been gradually on the rise since its launch in 2011. In fact, retailers, financial institutions and members of the public are increasingly viewing these cybercurrencies as viable alternatives to more traditional forms of money, which are vulnerable to socioeconomic and political shocks occurring with greater frequency worldwide.

pH Miners aims to deliver high-tech solutions for effectively and profitably mining cryptocurrencies, using proprietary components rather than sourcing them from outside parties.

All of its hardware, including the chips that run its miners, is manufactured at the company’s partner facilities in Asia. This gives pH Miners the ability to maintain quality while offering its products at affordable prices.

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