Only 25% of young voters registered for May

Interior Minister Socrates Hasikos said, after meeting the Ministers of Defence and Education and the Deputy Government Spokesman on the issue, that out of 32,000 new voters who can enrol, 24,000 have not done so. The closing date for registering is April 2.

“Unfortunately as the years go by, there’s reduced interest on the part of young people”, the Minister said, adding that in past elections only 10% of new voters had not enrolled.

He said that his has to do with young people’s contempt of politics and politicians, saying that the decision not to register to vote is wrong because they miss the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction in the most official way, through the election process.

He said that the Interior Ministry, in cooperation with the Defence and Education Ministers, are making a last effort to raise awareness among young people in order to encourage them to vote.

The three ministries decided to promote advertising spots in the media and distribute material at army camps and universities, appealing to young people, including soldiers and students.

Source: NNN