RABAT– Morocco has begun serving a two-year term on the Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU) from April during which it intends to consolidate efforts and actions aimed at contributing in a constructive and positive way to the promotion of peace and security in Africa, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation says.

Morocco’s election to the AU-PSC at the last AU summit held in January 2018 in Addis Ababa is a sign of confidence, credibility and esteem for its Africa strategy, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, the ministry said in a statement here Sunday.

It is also a recognition of the kingdom’s active role as well as credible and supportive actions and initiatives, since the 1960s, in favour of Africa’s stability and the development of African citizens.

Embracing the values of peace, dialogue, the promotion of co-operation and friendly relations, Morocco is entrenching its mandate within the PSC within the framework of the consolidation of efforts and actions aimed at contributing, in a constructive and positive way, to the promotion of peace and security in Africa, the statement said.

It added that Africa faced many complex security challenges that require joint and concerted action as well as an unwavering commitment by African States and all stakeholders to preserve and consolidate sustainable peace and security.

Noting that this goal would only be achieved through political stability, respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States, as well as the consolidation of the rule of law in Africa, the ministry stressed that the common African agenda should focus on urgent and priority conflict and crisis situations, which constitute a real threat to peace and security in Africa, while promoting a comprehensive and inclusive approach, notably through preventive diplomacy, mediation and good offices.

In an African context, marked by the inter-dependence of security threats to peace and security, Morocco will, during its mandate in the PSC, give priority to the issues of prevention and the fight against terrorism and violent extremism, as well as post-conflict reconstruction, with a view to federating the collective efforts of the Council’s member States and finding concrete immediate responses to these issues, the ministry stressed.

The Kingdom’s action and approach will also privilege socio-economic development and South-South cooperation, which constitute a major aspect and a condition sine qua non for peace, stability and prosperity in Africa.

Morocco will also pay particular attention to other emerging themes, such as human security, food security and environmental security. Similarly, the Kingdom intends to contribute, in a constructive and responsible manner, to the efforts made for the reform of the PSC, to the improvement of its methods of work, in order to establish the ownership of this body by member States and consolidate its role and mission in the prevention and resolution of conflicts in Africa, the ministry underlined.

Thanks to its experience and know-how, and aware of the extent of security issues in Africa, Morocco will spare no effort, together with all member States of the PSC, to help lay new solid and lasting foundations for a stable, prosperous and united Africa.