Mauritania: UNHCR Operational Update as of 15 August 2019

(Reporting period 1 June � 31 July)

Mauritania hosts over 2,700 urban refugees and asylum-seekers and around 57,000 Malian refugees in and around Mbera camp. Despite the conclusion of a peace agreement in 2015, large-scale returns of Malian refugees are not expected due to the persistent violence in northern, which has also been spreading to central Mali. In July, 99 refugees were newly registered in Mbera camp. Furthermore, UNHCR registered 172 new arrivals in the the urban areas of Nouakchott and Nouadhibou. Pending the adoption of the asylum law, UNHCR works closely with the Mauritanian authorities to enhance the protection of refugees in Mauritania through access to documentation and birth registration. In response to the protracted refugee situation, UNHCR has been enhancing collaboration with development actors to bridge the current gap between humanitarian and development efforts and ensure that refugees – in particular, extremely vulnerable ones – are not left behind ensuring economic opportunities, and access basic services such as health and education. UNHCR works under the umbrella of the United Nations Sustainable Development Partnership Framework (CPDD) for Mauritania.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees