Leading Peruvian Insurance Company RIMAC Introduces IBM MobileFirst for iOS Enterprise Risk Inspect Application

RIMAC, a leading Peruvian insurance company, announced today it partnered with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to create a MobileFirst for iOS application for risk inspections designed to help RIMAC agents provide an optimized level of customer service. The Risk Inspect app designed for iPad increases the quality of the company’s risk inspections and reduces the time required to process claims. Combining information and analytics with a user-friendly experience, the made-for-business app offers an enhanced level of interaction and real-time connectivity amongst RIMAC professionals.

Miguel Gutierrez, RIMAC Engineering and Prevention Manager, explained that the Risk Inspect app allows insurance agents to remotely access real time client information and evaluate different risks — fire, robbery, machinery failure and natural risks, for example — through detailed questionnaires while in the field.

“There’s no doubt that this tool allows us to better address the specific needs of our clients. For example, the data that we can obtain automatically through the GPS coordinates allows agents to see such information as a building’s materials and the preventative measures used against fire so they can make faster, more informed decisions while in the field,” he said. “We believe this is the first mobile enterprise application for insurance risk management deployed in Latin America, positioning RIMAC as a leader in innovation and technology in the general insurance market.”

RIMAC estimates its agents conduct around 400 field visits per month in Peru. Previously, agents had to complete claims with a printed form that had to be filled out during the visit to the client. This information was then moved to digital templates — a very time consuming process. Even a simple facility inspection would typically take at least four hours,. By using the app agents have recognized an average time savings of 45 minutes for inspections and cut report preparation time from nine to three hours. The reduced inspection timeframe allows agents to increase the number of inspections they conduct and provide a better analysis of the information they gather.

A New Tool for Field Inspections The application allows inspectors to upload information from each company directly on iPad. Once the information is validated by the client, it is uploaded on the system and then automatically sent to the RIMAC network.

Risk Inspect allows RIMAC agents to use an intuitive interface to access inspection records and historical claims data from a mobile application, improving the quality of the information collected and reducing delivery deadlines.

Additionally, the application allows the agent to use the iPad camera to take pictures and text images for more precise quotes.

“RIMAC is digitally transforming itself and empowering employees to work in ways not previously possible,” said Mahmoud Naghshineh, general manager Apple partnership, IBM. “RIMAC is creating a new experience for risk inspectors that delivers a higher level of client service. With faster, more secure access to all the tools and data they need, risk inspectors can now efficiently prioritize, manage and complete assignments, reducing the amount of time for administrative tasks while in the field so they can spend more time engaging with the client.”

Other ways the application benefits RIMAC, its agents and customers include:

A new interactive questionnaire will reduce the chances of including wrong or contradictory information.

Improved data analysis and real-time comparison of business risk standards does what?

Allows clients to quickly obtain an online copy of inspection reports through the RIMAC web site.

The app can monitor and update client improvements to areas of risk.

Allows the RIMAC prevention team to offer personalized services according to the client needs.

Source: IBM