Landmark Forum Celebrates 26 Years of Giving People Advancing People in Montreal

MONTREAL, QUEBEC – Landmark , the organizer of the Landmark Forum, a global growth, training and development company that offers programs and training to help people realize what they value , Celebrates his 26 years in Montreal, Canada.

The Landmark Center in Montreal offers a complete program of innovative courses for which the company is famous, including Landmark flagship training, the Landmark Forum, which lasts three days and one evening and is designed to change deeply and sustainably the lives of participants.

The Landmark Center in Montreal also offers a comprehensive program of advanced programs, including Self-Expression and Leadership, Communication Courses, Unlimited Wisdom Course and Leadership and Support Programs, and evening seminars Intended to build on the foundations and concepts taught in the Landmark Forum.

People around the world use Landmark methodology to build themselves as leaders and to dramatically increase their leadership potential. The Montreal office is particularly proud of the impact it has had on community leaders, many of whom have developed and led projects that have really made a difference in Montreal.

A spokesperson for the Montreal office, comments on Landmark’s endurance and expansion in Montreal over the past 26 years, “We are delighted to see the continued growth and advances that our students have made over the years years. “And adds:” The Landmark Forum seeks to make significant changes in the way people live their lives and in their relationships with others. We are very pleased to be able to provide the Landmark methodology to the Montreal community and we look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come. “

About Landmark Worldwide

Founded in 1991, Landmark and the Landmark Forum offer revolutionary growth and development programs to individuals, organizations, communities and institutions in 130 cities around the world. With 53 offices around the world, more than 193,000 people participate each year in Landmark courses. About forty Landmark courses, including the flagship Landmark Forum, have been created after years of in-depth study and have resulted in significant advances in communication and efficiency for all participants.

Source: Landmark