Institutional Investor launches Nordic trading teams

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM -Nordic brokers are as rare as single sellers, while trading in other regions is often dominated by banks International markets, the Nordic market (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) often has pockets of liquidity that are better understood by teams in the field, for whom niche players and local culture have no secrets. That is why Institutional Investor has decided to launch specialized groups that focus only on northern brokers.

“In the Nordic countries, market structure and liquidity differ considerably from those in continental Europe,” said Howard Tang, product manager at Institutional Investor. “Our Nordic customers want market research that reflects their trading environment, which is why we are proud to present these Nordic broker-focused rankings to address these differences across regions. “

Leaders’ tables include Nordic-based brokers serving primarily Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, including their associated territories (the Faroe Islands, the Aland Islands and Greenland). Investors’ votes were weighted by brokerage fees to rank the best Nordic-based brokers providing their customers with a highly interactive service and a unique view of the markets.

Six northern brokers were assessed against each other. For high-touch trading, the rankings were based on 126 votes, while the single market position was based on 86 votes. The following attributes were used to rank Nordic brokers in terms of high touch trading:

Quality of sales traders, customer service and advice

Access to high levels of “natural” liquidity

Minimizing the impact of the market

Knowledge and advice on market structure

Appetite for risky trades

Transparency and precision of the indications of interest generated by brokers

The leading Nordic leaders in high-touch trading this year are:

1. Carnegie Investment Bank

2. ABC Sundal Collier

3. Nordea Markets

Source: Institutional Investor