INFINITI offers a dream internship to a young Canadian engineering student at Renault Sport Formula One Team


An engineering student from London, Ontario wins the 2017 Canadian edition of the renowned INFINITI Engineering Academy.

The 23-year-old Matthew Crossan, a student at Western University, has won an exceptional one-year internship where he will work with INFINITI and Renault Sport Formula One � Team.

Crossan, along with six other winners from around the world, will begin her one-year internship this coming October in the UK.

An engineering student from Canada will participate in a unique work placement in the automotive and Formula 1 communities. INFINITI announced that Matthew Crossan is the winner of the INFINITI Engineering Academy 2017 for Canada.

Selected from among thousands of contestants and won today against nine other finalists in a highly contested final at Luciani INFINITI in Montreal, Quebec, Matthew Crossan, 23, from London, Ontario , Will fly to the United Kingdom in October, where he will have an unusual professional experience, working with the cream of engineers on the advanced technologies of the automotive and motor sports industries. The price includes flight tickets, accommodation, an INFINITI vehicle and a salary.

Crossan will be working for six months at the Renault Sport Formula One Team technical center in Enstone and six months at the INFINITI European Technical Center in Cranfield, UK. He will then play an important role in the transfer of knowledge and technical skills between Renault Sport Formula One Team and INFINITI.

“Every year the interest of candidates from all over the world, as well as their outstanding level of talent, continues to impress us.” Seeing the achievements of former graduates of the Academy, who subsequently succeeded professionally in the industry, Automobile and motor sports, engineer students are more and more likely to want to experience this incomparable experience to launch their careers, “said Tommaso Volpe, global director of INFINITI Motorsport.

“With F1, which is gaining in relevance to the automotive industry, and internships that will put even more emphasis on the design of road cars this year, we are training a new generation of engineers who can bridge the gap between the two “He adds.

“Renault Sport Formula One Team is a high-end vehicle brand and a technical partner of INFINITI, whose mission is to improve the customer experience by building on the discoveries surrounding high performance from motor sports,” said Stephen Lester, Managing Director of INFINITI Canada. “Programs such as the INFINITI Engineering Academy help us achieve this goal and I am honored to be participating again this year as the judge of this second Canadian final. Finalists must be proud of what they have accomplished Today and I look forward to seeing how Matthew’s career will flourish after this invaluable experience. “

Crossan commented on his victory: “When I heard my name, I did not believe it!” In the final, I met nine other very competent candidates, all of whom deserved to win, so it is a great privilege for me I’m really looking forward to starting, and I’m going to do everything to show that I deserve this tremendous opportunity. “

The INFINITI Engineering Academy, now in its fourth annual edition, is a unique competition to find the best engineering candidates. In 2017, seven people, one per region – Asia-Pacific, Canada, China, Europe (including Russia), Mexico, United Arab Emirates and the United States – will have the chance to work with INFINITI and Renault Sport Formula One Team. The Academy’s 2017 edition attracted more than 12,000 entries from 41 countries, nearly three times a year ago – a new record.

Source: INFINITI Canada