ICT Expo 2016 creates awareness on emerging technologies

The 8th Edition of ICT Expo, a regional event which aims at creating more awareness on emerging technologies and bringing ICT closer to citizens, was held on 2 and 3 April 2016 at theTrianon Shopping Park in Quatre Bornes.

An initiative of the National Computer Board (NCB) started in 2011, the objectives are to promote and encourage ICT literacy, bring Government services closer to the people by providing accessible and integrated online public services, and increase awareness on cybersecurity and dangers of social networking sites. ICT Expo also aims at encouraging the population to go for higher level industry-based certifications as well as sensitising Mauritians on career opportunities in the ICT sector and on the potential applications of ICT and choice of technology for effective business and individual solutions.

ICT Expo 2016 included the following components:

” ICT Exhibition

” Job/Career Fair

” ISDP – work placement

” Cyber Caravan: ICT Awareness Courses

” Awareness on e-services and cyber security

” Prizes and Lucky Draws

Several ICT exhibitors and ICT Training Institutions participated namely: Mauritius Telecom, Central Business Equipment, VJ Computer Ltd, Yasin Mobile Shop, Log In, AXA Customer Service, Euro CRM, CCA International, Appletree, Career Hub.mu, RRJ Learning Centre, Aberysmith University, VITMI, Wisdom-In-Tech, Esokia Web Agency, Orange Business Service, Atalian Interactive, Mauritius Post Ltd, and National Computer Board.

The NCB, which operates under the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation, has organised ICT Expos in the following regions: RiviAre des Anguilles Community Centre (6 and 7 August 2011); RiviAre du Rempart Youth Centre (20 and 21 August 2011); Rajcoomar Gujadhur State Secondary School, Flacq (14 and 15 April 2012); Centre Vieux Moulin, Rose Belle (13 and 14 April 2013); Farmers Service Centre, Goodlands (27 and 28 July 2013); Bel Air Social Welfare Centre (19 and 20 April 2014); and, Kendra Shopping Mall St Pierre, (6 and 7 June 2015). These events proved successful, with all editions attracting more than 40 000 visitors.

Source: Republic of Mauritius