Happy May Day!

We were getting some work done while discussing Uncle JPM’s latest firing and it hit me that May Day is this weekend. Joy! Quick succession of thoughts flooded my mind; maybe I can get an extra day to work on my side projects and maybe get my hair done.

You know the usual things we do when we get a day off however, joy turned into gloom when the calendar showed May 1st to be a Sunday. I know I shouldn’t be complaining but the Tanzanian in me isn’t satisfied with the last few public holidays that were during the weekdays, I want more.

When is the next holiday I asked of which we couldn’t agree on but hopefully it won’t take too long. Then the question came; are we celebrating May Day with a lavish show off at some national ground or will we be internalising the celebrations in our respective homes saving the cash to build something we really need.

Nobody seemed to know but we reached a unanimous conclusion to just remain at home and internalise the celebration with the usual Sunday luncheon and consequent afternoon snooze.

Meanwhile, Uncle JPM’s latest firing had me all shades of confused. I must have gotten my facts wrong but it seemed all the media were reporting the same thing so maybe; we all got our facts wrong.

Or maybe none of us got our facts wrong and this lady isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. She didn’t think it necessary to take her government salary and did not collect it for three years since her appointment.

The first question that comes to mind when you hear this business of uncollected salary is – how does one live without collecting their salary? Some of us live on advances in that we cannot way to get an advance and it will leave the account immediately. T

hat was the other thing; she didn’t think to maybe move the money around a little? Put it in another account and perhaps use it at a later time? I had so many questions and I went to snooping. There is no way, no way! How do you not collect money?

One source reported that she was living off allowances she had illustrated to pay herself since her appointment by my former uncle, Uncle Kikwete. So she was paying herself consultancy allowances as Executive Director that reflected what she felt she was entitled to and not the ‘coins’ she was getting as salary.

Makes sense but still, who leaves money untouched? I mean surely there must have been some use for the ‘coins’ that were her salary. Further snooping shows that she made a bad call with regards to giving a large international company tax exemptions against the president’s wishes.

Oh boy, this is where it all went sideways. Well, I bet she is thinking of those ‘coins’ as she is looking at the lawyer fees to fix this whole mess.

SOURCE: Tanzania Daily News