Government Announces New Measures to Help Employees Affected by Phenix

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

When employees come to work, they expect them to be paid, and to be paid the right amount.

The Government of Canada takes responsibility for paying its employees very seriously. That is why today the President of the Treasury Board, the Honorable Scott Brison, announced additional measures to help the women and men affected by Phoenix.

Under the Phoenix Initial Implementation Plan in 2009, the new pay system was expected to achieve savings across departments. These departments were supposed to transfer to the government the savings from Phoenix.

Given that employees need more support and departments need more resources to deal with pay issues, the government will rather retain these funds within departments so that departments can ensure that their Employees receive the remuneration to which they are entitled. This will ensure that departments will keep the projected $ 70 million annually over the next two fiscal years.

Recognizing the unfair financial burden that these pay issues have placed on some employees, the Government of Canada will also reimburse those who have received tax advice to address the tax consequences of problems arising from the Phoenix system. Employees who have had Phoenix-related pay problems will be able to claim a refund of up to $ 200 for tax advice related to their 2016 or 2017 income taxes.


“Our top priority is to help employees who have experienced payroll problems caused by Phoenix and to address these issues as quickly as possible. We will ensure that every person is treated fairly and that organizations have the resources to help our employees who have been affected by these problems. “

– The Honorable Scott Brison, President of the Treasury Board

Source: Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat