Garlock Unveils GYLON� 3545 TUFF-RAIL� Gasket

PALMYRA, NY-Highlights:

Molded rib technology designed specifically for imperfect surfaces and lower load sealing

Universal size gasket reduces inventory requirements

Proven re-usability to offer reliability and cost savings

Universal chemical resistance, ensuring proper gasket selection

Garlock, a leading manufacturer of high-performance fluid sealing products, has announced the release of a new gasket, specifically designed to help address the difficult installation and sealing requirements often associated with railcar manways.

Loose fasteners and irregular sealing surfaces can account for numerous gasket leaks on railcars, but the molded GYLON� 3545 TUFF-RAIL� gasket is specifically engineered and formulated to compress, conform and prevent the escape of media being transported. This revolutionary molding technology incorporates raised ribs, concentrating less than ideal bolt loads to ensure a safe and reliable seal. Manufactured with 100 percent pure PTFE for universal chemical resistance, the gasket has been designed to a single size to simplify the selection process and reduce inventory requirements. Tough, reliable and reusable, this versatile gasket fits the most common manways.

The recovery and conformability of GYLON� 3545 makes the gasket ideal for the vibration, thermal cycling and re-torqueing associated with multiple uses. The proprietary GYLON� 3545 material, along with the raised sealing ribs, offer excellent creep resistance and long-term bolt load retention. With an unlimited shelf life and high crush resistance, the TUFF-RAIL� gasket eliminates those issues commonly associated with rubber gaskets.

The elimination of Non Accident Related (NAR) leaks within the rail industry is a key initiative, and Garlock is focused on designing and developing sealing products to help solve the problem.

Source: Garlock