Gambia/Mauritania: Gambia-Mauritania Clash – Artistes Cheer Up the Scorpions

By Omar Wally and Hassan Jallow

The Scorpions entertain Maurabitones on Friday in the third game of the Afcon qualifiers at Nouakchott’s Olympic Stadium. Ahead of the crucial game, Gambian artistes have sent good luck messages to the team as the Scorpions hope for glory this weekend.

Here are excerpts:

Jaliba Kuyateh

I thank God Almighty that The Gambia is going to play an international game. Mauritania is a country we share so many things in common with and majority of the shop owners in the country are Mauritanians. We also have great connection with them; most of them have families in The Gambia. The game would strengthen our relations.

Alagie Mbaye: Gambia and Mauritania have a long existing relationship. However, the two teams, Gambia’s eleven players and Mauritian’s eleven players would strengthen that relationship when they behave well. We expect victory and God willing Gambia will win Insaa Allah.

Sambou Susso: As a number one fan of the Scorpions, I am wishing them good luck and pray that God the Almighty move the players and the country forward. This is a positive step in Gambia’s football. Good luck to the Scorpions; forward with The Gambia.

Sherrifo Joberteh: I urged the Scorpions and the Gambian fans to maintain peace even after the game. Our players should keep to the good reputation The Gambia and Gambians have in the world. This is not the first time Gambia is going international so let them keep it up.

Muhammed Susso: We hope for victory and we will surly get it God willing. I already started praying for the Scorpions. Let the boys keep it burning, slowly but surely we will get where we want the team to be internationally.

Gibou Bala-Gaye alias GEE: I wish them luck. I’ve got high hopes with the current Gambia football team, let’s support and pray for these guys. I’m sure that’s all that they need because if its talent, they already have it.

Bai Babu: I wish them all the best of luck. I appreciate the boys because they are all great players especially Mo Barrow who gave me the mobile phone I’m currently using. Good luck to them.

Singateh: I wish them all the best of luck. I will be here [Oslo, Norway] watching and cheering for them. I wish the new coach all the best of luck. Let’s all give him the best of support and hopefully he will make it because he knows the boys better.

ENC: We have hope in them and we’re going for a proud defeat, let’s do it for the Red, White, Blue, White, and Green. I’ll personally come to watch the game.

Dr. Shaka of Born Africans: My message to the Scorpions is to keep pushing forward and give it their best shot in every game. We love what they are doing and we will support them through thick and thin. I wish them all the best in the future games and hopefully in the years to come we will start getting more players playing for the European club teams. A big thank you to all the players, coaches and officials representing our beloved country in the football scene. Progress, Peace and Prosperity.

Bilal of Poetic X: Let them all rally behind Sang and listen to him since he is the chosen one to take them to the qualifiers. Let Sang also bring the players who really deserve to be in the team. No “mboka nice” or favours. Early preparation is also very important because they should have a collective team. Wishing them a good luck and urging them to make us proud.

Source:All Africa