GAC Motor’s Triumphant Return at 2017 NAIAS Wins High Praise for Innovative Research and Development

Its First North America R&D Center to Take Root In Silicon Valley

DETROIT, Jan. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — China’s fastest growing auto brand GAC Motor has just closed its exhibition at 2017 North America International Auto Show (NAIAS) on January 22 in Detroit, US, achieving roaring success as the first and only Chinese company to showcase new brand-defining vehicles and technologies on the main show floor in the history of NAIAS with grand launch of first electric vehicle GE3, new SUV GS7 and concept car EnSpirit. The company received the “In Honor of Commitment to the 2017 NAIAS” award for its accomplishment in building the bridge between China and US auto industries.

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Yu Jun, general manager of GAC Motor, said that the company’s blockbuster vehicle lineup of GS7, GE3, EnSpirit and elite sedan GA8 at NAIAS is a comprehensive interpretation of its exhibition theme “Innovation for the Future”.

“We understand that a great brand is built on the foundation of customer experience. I sincerely hope GAC Motor will become a popular brand here in America and all over the world,” said Yu.

GS7, the new robust SUV, gained wide attention and applause from auto industry leaders and experts with extensive coverage on leading international media including Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, ABC News, Automotive Magazine, Auto Express, The Detroit News, and more.

Florent Menegaux, chief operation officer at Michelin, came to GAC Motor’s display at NAIAS to experience the new vehicles. He noted the GS7 has a very strong design and gorgeous lines on the exterior as well as exquisite workmanship in the interior, the SUV will be very competitive in the market.

The model was created, designed and made in China which not only has the highest level of configuration but also attractive design elements. The technologically innovative, artistically dynamic and functionally considerate GS7 demonstrates GAC Motor’s innovative thinking in auto manufacturing and creating the one-of-a-kind driving and riding experience for customers worldwide.

In the meantime, the electric vehicle GE3 and plug-in hybrid crossover concept car EnSpirit also showed a GAC Motor’s solid foundation for building the future mobility with revolutionary and environmental-friendly vehicles.

Peter Lake, executive vice president of ZF TRW Automotive Holdings Corp., a world leading automotive supplier, praised the high quality of GAC Motor products and expressed that ZF TRW will carry on further collaborations with GAC Motor with full support in product development, quality control, production supply and market expansion to provide better and more reliable products for the consumers.

To complete building a global R&D system, GAC Motor is establishing its first North America R&D Center in Silicon Valley in 2017, gathering talents and conducting advanced research and development to create innovative, strong and friendly vehicles of the next generation.

“Through global integration of resources, GAC Motor will make breakthroughs in major auto markets worldwide, growing into an international automobile enterprise which will provide the most valuable automotive products and services to consumers across the world,” said Feng Xingya, president of GAC Group.

About GAC Motor

A subsidiary of GAC Group, GAC Motor develops and manufactures premium quality vehicles, engines, components and auto accessories, achieving a year-to-year growth rate of 96% in 2016, the highest among all Chinese brands in the corresponding period. GAC Motor ranked 5th, among all brands in J.D. Power Asia Pacific’s 2016 China Initial Quality Study, the highest of all Chinese brands for the fourth consecutive year.

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