French National Report on Employment of ADP�: the French private sector created 14,500 jobs in April 2017

NANTERRE, FRANCE – According to the French National Report on Employment of ADP � in April, the French private sector recorded the creation of 14,500 jobs between March and April 2017. Distributed widely and free of charge to the public each month, the French National Report on Employment of ADP � is published by ADP Research Institute � in collaboration with Moody’s Analytics.

The ratio is based on the reported workforce of firms and measures the monthly change in employment in the non-farm sector, adjusted for seasonal variations. It provides a monthly indication of labor market trends based on actual employment data, and differs from the reports related to the measurement of unemployment which show the number of people seeking employment. The two indicators should, all other things being equal, go in opposite directions. However, trends can be similar, especially when changes are taking place, leading to more entrants into the labor market than job creation for various reasons: demographic trends,

Main results of the April 2017 report

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Total employment in the non-farm private sector in France 1 : 14,500

Sector Snapshot

Manufacturing 1 600

Commerce 500

Financial Services 2,500

Business Services

Transportation 1 100

Real Estate -300

“The French private sector created 14,500 jobs in April, ” said Ahu Yildirmaz, vice-president and co-director of the ADP Research Institute. “While financial services continued to grow this month again, manufacturing industry has seen the strongest growth since May 2016.”

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The French National Employment Report for ADP � in May will be published on 20 June 2017 at 13.00.

About the National Report on Employment in France of ADP � :

The National Employment Report of ADP � is a monthly assessment of the evolution of total employment in the non-agricultural private sector in France. It is based on reported enrollment figures for a sample of French ADP clients, aggregated by establishment (non-identifiable). This report, which measures enrollments by bringing together some 1.3 million French workers, is produced by ADP Research Institute � , an entity in the ADP group that specializes in the development and publication of employment trends studies And Human Resources and Human Capital Management strategies in collaboration with Moody’s Analytics, Inc.

ADP publishes its National Employment Report each month as part of a constant commitment to offer more visibility on the French labor market and to provide companies, public administrations and others with a credible and reliable source of information. precious. The National Employment Report of ADP � is widely and freely distributed to the public on a monthly basis.

For the details of the results and the statistical model used to produce them, please consult the heading “French national report on employment of ADP � : Development methodology” at

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