Former Undersecretary of Finance Ministry: Five-Year Program On Economic Reform targets encouragement…

Khartoum, March 8 (SUNA) – The Economist and Former State Minister at the Ministry of Finance Dr. Mohamed Hassan Makawi said that the Economic Reform Program (2015-2019) targeted encouragement of private sector investment in the field of electricity through the adoption of policies, laws and agreements on power purchase and provision of incentives and special tariff to the national and foreign investors as well as spreading of the use of alternative energies in the countryside rather than relying on thermal energy, rationalization of consumption and reduction of waste electricity at different stages.
He said, in a enlightening lecture he presented to a workshop on the economic reform program, organized by the Ministry of Information in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning at the premises of the Ministry of Information recently, that the program aimed at rebuilding of the structures and systems of the markets at their different levels and nature to realize price concentration and increase the producer’s share in the income, besides establishment of stock exchanges for the key goods while linking them with a center on marketing studies and research, information and communication network and expansion of dry and refrigerated storage containers.
Dr. Makawi pointed out that the program targeted achievement of typical quality and standards of the national output in the field of metrology and standards to reach the stage of reliability and international reference and dissemination of standardization culture in the society to achieve increase in the competitiveness of Sudanese commodities in accordance with the international standards in the field of metrology and standards.
He explained that the aim of the program, in the field of meteorology, was to raise its efficiency of performance to the international level through its rehabilitation and modernization of the monitoring network horizontally and vertically, in addition to updating of the communications network to cover all parts of the country, reviewing the objectives of the program in different hubs.
The Director of the Sudan Academy for Communication Sciences Salwa Hassan Siddiq described, during her speech in the workshop on behalf of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information on the partnership between the media and economics, as old and authentic but the new is to put this partnership in the correct frame, adding that media play its role in the flow and delivery of information and informative article must be put in the appropriate template for the benefit of the citizens to make them understand what is going on and interacts with it.
The Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Strategic Planning Abbas Koreina said that the Five-Year Economic Reform Program began to achieve its goals through the axes it developed to achieve sustainable economic stability, pointing out that the program was able to strike a balance between the conflicting goals such as inflation reduction and improvement of living standards via spending increase, revealing that in developing any strategic plan, the concept of achieving synergies, balance and solidarity must be taken into account, adding that the task of the economic media is how to covey the economic message to the public and educate them.

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