Fast-charging AMP content from Google generates 35 percent more commitment than mobile web content

NEW YORK, NY, USA – Chartbeat , the leading content intelligence platform for publishers, today released an industry-wide first research study that examines the impact of high-speed experiences that are accelerated by Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Google’s Instant Articles (FIA). Chartbeat evaluated the behavior of the mobile target group and the content interactions on AMP and FIA from June 2016 to May 2017 on more than 360 websites. The results are clear: the faster the speed, the greater the interest in the content.

Despite the fact that readers expect a seamless screen-to-screen experience, slow-loading mobile sites and a fragmented mobile technology ecosystem have led publishers to struggle to maintain the interest of readers. AMP and FIA were introduced in 2016 to improve the mobile experience for the consumer affected by inflated websites Both AMP and FIA enable media companies to publish optimized and fast-loading versions of their articles and new strategies For monetarization. These two areas are gaining in importance, as more than half of publisher traffic is now mobile.

In the first year, Chartbeat evaluated the audience interaction with AMP and FIA content on websites where Chartbeat’s platform integrations were actively used to see how good this mobile high-speed experience is, and whether the publishers Benefit from it.

In investigating the traffic of articles on AMP and FIA to publisher website, Chartbeat came to the following results:

A typical publisher that has implemented AMP now sees around 16 percent of its mobile traffic on AMP content, and those with FIA see around 14.8 percent of mobile traffic on instant articles.

Both formats have roughly equal shares of mobile traffic

Approximately three times more articles are consumed on AMP per day than on FIA. This reflects exactly what we are looking at when comparing “search” and “social” in general, and what is the reason for the fact that the articles sought have a longer lifespan than those on social channels. It was found that FIA products tend to be more targeted at FIA but generate more traffic.

Regarding user experience and commitment, Chartbeat came to the following conclusions:

Both formats, AMP as well as FIA, are much faster than the mobile web. AMP charges about four times faster than a conventional mobile website and Instant Articles charges even faster.

Readers who come across AMP content remain interested by 35 per cent longer than those that run on conventional mobile web content.

On average, “standard mobile readers” remain interested in 31.5 seconds and “mobile search readers” 35.6 seconds. AMP readers remain interested in 48.2 seconds.

The fact that readers remain much more interested than usual suggests that a faster mobile experience really helps to arouse and maintain interest. The results of the Chartbeat case studies show that the longer commitment is reflected in many effective results, such as higher visibility, greater fidelity, and longer-term growth of the target group. He still has many challenges. These results, however, signal a strong potential of the mobile high-speed experience.

Source: Chartbeat