Ethiopia: Governance Issues Hound Condo Projects

By Misak Workneh

Contractors voice frustration as causes of construction delays clearly identified but no solutions in sight

Addis Abeba Saving Houses Development Enterprise’s meeting with contractors to discuss persistent problems in the development of 40/60 condominium apartments ended without bearing fruit.

The meeting on February 9, which was closed to the media, was held with contractors at grade two and above, at the Arat Kilo Sport & Education Center.

“This is private counselling session between the contractors and the Enterprise, and any outside parties especially the media, are not allowed in,” said an official ushering people into the hall. “We’ll disclose the details of the meeting when we deem fit.”

However, attendees were not impressed with either the meeting or solutions proposed by Enterprise officials and soon began leaving the hall, grumbling their disapproval.

“It’s only natural the projects aren’t being done on time,” one contractor complained, talking to Fortune outside the hall.

He came to the meeting in hope of finding some solution to the quandary he is currently facing in his dealings with the Enterprise.