Construction of Seniors’ Housing in Brandon

BRANDON, MANITOBA – Construction of a 63-unit seniors’ unit is underway in Brandon. The package will provide more housing options for seniors who want to live independently in their community. Located at 2105 Brandon Avenue, the result of a partnership between the federal, provincial and municipal governments and its creation was announced by Terry Duguid, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South, on behalf of the Honorable Jean-Yves Duclos , Federal Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, and the Honorable Scott Fielding, Minister of the Family of Manitoba, in addition to Brandon Mayor Rick Chrest.

“The Government of Canada is helping to provide affordable housing for those who need it most, both in Manitoba and the rest of the country,” said Mr. Duguid, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South. In the case of 2105 Brandon Avenue, all levels of government are working to implement local solutions to local housing problems and to meeting the housing needs of seniors so that they can continue to live Autonomous community within their community. “

The governments of Canada and Manitoba have committed over $ 3.1 million to this $ 14 million package under the Affordable Housing Investment Agreement (IDAA). Once completed, this four-storey building will offer 48 affordable units and 15 new homes in Brandon. Future tenants will also be able to enjoy common areas on each floor, an outdoor rest area and a communal garden.

“We are proud to be a partner in this initiative and to ensure we can meet the long-term housing needs of seniors who want to live in Brandon,” Fielding said. That residents have access to safe and affordable housing is a priority of our government. The commencement of the work is an important milestone for future tenants and for all of us who recognize the importance of housing for individuals, families and the community. “

The Government of Manitoba and the City of Brandon have entered into an ongoing partnership to create affordable housing in the community. The City provided free of charge the property located at 2105 Brandon Avenue, worth $ 920,000 in addition to other forms of support in excess of $ 600,000.

“On behalf of the City of Brandon and the City Council as a whole, I want to express how pleased we are with such a valuable project in Brandon,” said Mayor Rick Chrest. Not only will this package meet the growing demand for affordable seniors housing in our community, it will also support the city’s vision of creating integrated neighborhoods that bring together people from all walks of life, Our continued desire to maximize the use of infill development developed and complementary to the municipal council’s strategic priority of community integration. “

Following a request for proposals from the City and the Province in 2015, Western Manitoba Seniors Non-Profit Housing Co-op Ltd. (West-Man) was given the mandate to build and manage the property. This is the second phase of the cooperative’s work in the community. They are currently managing 34 affordable seniors’ housing units on McDiarmid Drive.

“Our co-op would like to thank its members, partners, volunteers, loved ones and all those who supported the Western Manitoba Seniors Non-Profit Housing Co-operative Ltd. For their vision and advocacy of housing for seniors, “said Harvey Douglas, Chair of the Expansion Committee. This property has special meaning for those of us who are part of this cooperative family. Together, we have created a legacy of comfortable, affordable housing for seniors. The $ 2 million of capital provided by our members has allowed the creation of this $ 14 million package here in Brandon. The impact of our legacy will improve the lives of resident members and provide benefits to the community in the future. “

The cooperative was founded in July 2009 to provide safe, comfortable, affordable housing accessible to seniors in Brandon.

The building will be compliant with the design standards for Visible and Accessible Housing in Manitoba and the Manitoba Hydro Smart Energy Program. Construction is expected to be completed in the summer of 2018.

The governments of Canada and Manitoba recently announced an increased commitment under the IDLA Agreement, representing an investment of close to $ 90 million over the next two years. These funds are in addition to the $ 166 million joint funding over eight years to contribute to the production of additional affordable housing options in Manitoba.

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Source: Government of Manitoba