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US Imposes Travel Ban on Malawian Official Over Corruption

July 4, 2019 mtadmin 0

BLANTYRE, MALAWI – The U.S. government has imposed a travel ban on a special adviser to Malawi’s president because of corruption charges. Malawi’s Anti-Corruption Bureau arrested Uladi Mussa in 2017, alongside a senior immigration official, on charges …

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Sudan Protesters Holding Night Marches

June 19, 2019 mtadmin 0

KHARTOUM – Sudan protest groups plan night marches in an attempt to pressure the military for a return to civilian rule. Sudan’s security forces earlier this month crushed a weeks-long sit in by protesters, reportedly killing dozens.Sudan protest group…

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African Migrant Apprehensions Spike at Southern US Border

June 14, 2019 mtadmin 0

WASHINGTON – The number of African migrants apprehended by U.S. border officials has spiked, from a total of less than a hundred in years past, to more than 600 in just the last few weeks.The group is part of a small but increasing proportion of migran…

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Amnesty Suspends Zimbabwe Branch After Fraud Probe

May 30, 2019 mtadmin 0

HARARE Amnesty International on Thursday suspended its local branch in Zimbabwe after uncovering evidence of fraud, in the first ever such move by the rights advocacy group.Amnesty issued a statement saying “an extensive forensic audit was conducted …

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Ethnic Clashes in Nigeria Send 20,000 Fleeing into Niger

May 29, 2019 mtadmin 0

GENEVA The U.N. refugee agency says an upsurge in violence in northwest Nigeria since April has driven an estimated 20,000 people to seek safety in neighboring Niger.U.N. refugee spokesman Babar Baloch says the jump in violence is not linked to the B…