The Brazilian Air Force will increase its efficiency and operational capability thanks to its new cargo plane, the KC-390.

The aircraft, produced domestically by the Embraer aerospace company, was presented to the Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff.

Writing in the Planalto Palace’s blog, Lieutenant General Jordao, the aircraft’s test pilot, said that the aircraft was versatile, easy to pilot and outfitted with the latest technology, which would reduce maintenance costs.

The KC-390, which is slated to replace the C-130 Hercules, will have a great impact on Brazilian Air Force operations.

Many countries have expressed an interest in the aircraft, as it is designed to set new parameters in its category.

The aircraft which can be refueled aerially, is the result of a joint project between Embraer and the Brazilian Air Force. Another 50 companies were involved in its development and manufacturing.

The plane was co-developed with Argentina, Portugal and the Czech Republic, using Brazilian technology.

The KC-390 can accommodate cargo of large dimensions, such as helicopters, vehicles and troops. It can carry out medical evacuations, drop cargo, conduct search and rescue and firefighting operations.

The aircraft can also be outfitted with an advanced protection system, and has ballistic shielding in its critical areas, which increases its capability to survive in hostile environments.