BIGO LIVE Connecting People via LIVE-Streaming Across the World

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Feb. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — BIGO LIVE, the fastest growing social media video streaming app community, is proud to announce that it is achieving excellent growth as a community for LIVE streaming and has achieved an unprecedented feat by connecting LIVE streamers not only from China and other Asian regions but also from across the globe with users from Europe, Russia, South Korea, Japan and the Middle East all joining in to make BIGO LIVE grow. Compared to the sprawling number of LIVE streaming platforms and apps available now, BIGO LIVE is the only platform that stands out by not focusing in just one certain region. It is truly an app for the global community.

BIGO LIVE helps connect interesting people with others that share the same interest and thanks to the highly-diverse and varied audience of BIGO LIVE, it is slowly growing to become a more interesting place with lots of activities taking place.

BIGO LIVE’s success comes from its excellent ability to adapt to its userbase’s needs and apply its technology to best cater to these needs. Thus, BIGO LIVE makes its users feel right at home with features they want, right at their fingertips.

BIGO LIVE allows exploring of streamers without limits, no matter wherever you are and whoever you are. Real-time interaction is the key to BIGO LIVE’s success and its responsive platform allows streamers and viewers to actively interact without the need to wait. Viewers can reward broadcasters with gifts from BIGO and show their support as a fan. Providing the people that deserve it, support and gifts.

To further allow broadcasters and viewers connect, BIGO LIVE makes it possible to interact with viewers directly on stream and have a public face-to-face LIVE discussion. This gives streaming broadcasters a level of personal touch to their users which is as rewarding as the gifts given by their viewers.


About BIGO

BIGO Technology is in the process of market access, operational test and learning about the users’ habit and behavior for BIGO LIVE products in in various regions. The company has oriented BIGO LIVE as a global product, to be operated and supplied in the form of a cross-border platform.


Contact Person:

Vondi Lin
Phone Number: +886-2-8911-0960
Email: [email protected]