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Who Is Chinese Professor Wenguang Sun?

VOA Mandarin has attempted to reach Professor Wenguang Sun since he was removed from his home during a live interview earlier this week.

The professor, who lives in Jinan, the capital of eastern China’s Shandong province, has not responded. Sources in Shandong told VOA on Thursday that Sun was in a military-run hotel.

On Wednesday, Chinese police broke into the home of the retired Shandong University professor, who is critical of China’s human rights record, as he was expressing via a telephone interview his opinions on the Voice of America (VOA) Mandarin television show, Issues & Opinions.

VOA Mandarin has attempted to reach Sun by cellphone and WeChat, a popular social media platform.

In response to the incident, Congressman Chris Smith, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and co-chairman of the Congressional Executive Committee on China, said on Thursday, “In an apparent attempt to chill an open exchange of ideas and opinions, Chinese police may have forcibly stopped a Voice of America interview with Professor Wenguang Sun.

“There is currently no information about Professor Sun’s whereabouts, but we urge his immediate release if detained for engaging in what should be his right to free speech,” said Smith, who also chairs the House subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations.

“The Chinese and American people must continue to work toward a day when someone like Prof. Sun can openly share his opinions, via a free press, without fear of reprisal,” he added in a statement Thursday.

Senator Marco Rubio on Thursday tweeted: “Every time you hear overblown rhetoric about how we are on the verge of ‘tyranny’ or ‘authoritarianism’ in America remember what real tyranny looks like. In #China the police arrested a Xi critic while he was in the middle of a live interview.”

A look at Sun’s background:

* Born in 1934

* Graduated from Shandong University Department of Physics in 1957, where he stayed on as a teacher

* Detained in “cowsheds” during the Cultural Revolution in the mid-1960s

* Sentenced in 1978 to seven years in prison for “attacking Great Leader Chairman Mao”

* Rehabilitated in 1982, returned to teaching at Shandong University

* Retired from Shandong University in 1994

* Most recent book, A Century of Disasters: From Mao Zedong to Jiang Zemin, published in Hong Kong in 2004

* Passport application denied in 2005, unable to travel aboard since

* One of initial co-signers of Charter 08, a petition for democracy in China

* Shandong University reduced his pension in March

* Criticized China’s checkbook diplomacy in an open letter posted on the eve of President Xi Jinping’s July trip to Africa

* Police break into his home in Jinan during a live interview with Voice of America on Aug. 1, 2018. Last words via telephone were: “I am entitled to express my opinion. This is my freedom of speech.”

Source: Voice of America


PRETORIA– South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has given two senior officials of the National Prosecuting Authority until next Friday to explain why they should not be suspended pending inquiries.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has informed two senior NPA officials of his intention to institute inquiries into their fitness to hold office.

He has given Deputy National Director of Public Prosecutions Nomgcobo Jiba and Special Director of Public Prosecutions Lawrence Mrwebi until next Friday to explain why they should not be suspended pending these inquiries.

The two were struck off the roll in 2016 following several decisions they have made. These included dropping charges against suspended Police Crime Intelligence head Richard Mdluli, the spy tapes matter relating to the scrapping of corruption charges against former President Jacob Zuma and the case of suspended KwaZulu-Natal Province head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI), also known as the Hawks, Johan Booysen, in the alleged Cato Manor death squad matter.

Mrwebi and Jiba were reinstated to the roll of advocates in July after the Supreme Court of Appeal upheld their appeal against a 2016 ruling by the Pretoria High Court.

The president’s decision to serve suspension notices on the two comes as the Constitutional Court is expected to rule on whether the appointment of Shawn Abrahams as NPA head was valid.


imToken annonce la version internationale 2.0, imToken Venture

Avec le lancement d’imToken 2.0, la société annonce un fonds de capital-risque pour le développement de DApp au sein de son écosystème, et de nouvelles fonctionnalités Tokenlon

SINGAPOUR, 1er août 2018 /PRNewswire/ — imToken, le plus grand portefeuille d’actifs numériques Ethereum au monde qui supporte à grande échelle 30 000 tokens, annonce imToken 2.0, le portefeuille de cryptodevises de prochaine génération d’imToken qui supporte un écosystème entièrement décentralisé.

Ben He, CEO and founder of imToken, introduces imToken 2.0

À la suite de son investissement de série A de 10 millions de dollars par IDG, imToken présente aujourd’hui le navigateur DApp, Tokenlon (échange décentralisé d’imToken) et imToken Venture.

La société a également annoncé 5 millions d’utilisateurs mensuels actifs et 45 milliards de dollars de transactions à flux identiques entre janvier 2017 et juin 2018, rivalisant avec le volume annuel de Venmo de PayPal.

« Nous croyons que le futur de la technologie de la blockchain (chaîne de blocs) repose sur une décentralisation complète », a déclaré Ben He, fondateur et PDG d’imToken. « Nous pensons que les initiatives d’aujourd’hui pour imToken 2.0 définiront la feuille de route pour un écosystème entièrement décentralisé qui sera soutenu par l’industrie et les utilisateurs. »

imToken 2.0

Navigateur DApp : le navigateur DApp d’imToken supporte les DApps les plus populaires et les échanges décentralisés.

En outre, imToken annonce imToken Venture, qui investira dans DApps et des projets d’infrastructure innovants, et en fera la promotion.

Échange décentralisé : l’échange décentralisé d’imToken, Tokenlon, offre désormais deux fonctions de trading uniques.

  • « Instant Exchange » (échange instantané) : sélectionne les meilleurs taux de change à travers plusieurs réserves pour des conversions jeton-à-jeton équitables.
  • Carnet d’ordres et trading au comptant : les utilisateurs de Tokenlon peuvent laisser des ordres d’achat et de vente à cours limité ou passer des ordres au prix du marché directement depuis le carnet d’ordres.

Portefeuille multichaîne avec BTC, ETH, EOS : les utilisateurs peuvent importer et gérer plusieurs portefeuilles de cryptodevises, parmi lesquelles Bitcoin, Ethereum et EOS, sous une phrase de passe et identité mnémotechnique unique.

L’annonce fait suite à l’ouverture du siège d’imToken à Singapour.

« Nous considérons qu’avec un environnement règlementaire mature, Singapour est le tremplin idéal pour nous permettre de donner un coup de fouet à nos ambitions internationales », a déclaré He. « Des pays comme l’Indonésie deviennent rapidement l’un des plus grands marchés d’imToken, et nous avons hâte de développer nos initiatives en Asie. »

Pour en savoir plus sur imToken, rendez-vous sur
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À propos d’imToken

Fondé en 2016 par Ben He, le PDG d’imToken, le plus grand portefeuille d’actifs numériques au monde est utilisé par les principaux investisseurs en cryptodevises du monde entier. Soutenu par IDG Capital, imToken offre un support pour 30 000 tokens et est reconnu internationalement pour ses fonctions de sécurité en tant qu’outil de gestion des actifs numériques. Le siège social d’imToken est situé à Singapour.

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imToken Announces 2.0 International Version, imToken Venture

With the launch of imToken 2.0, the company announces a venture fund for DApp development within its ecosystem, new Tokenlon features

SINGAPORE, Aug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — imToken, the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallet widely supporting 30,000 tokens, announces imToken 2.0, the next generation cryptocurrency wallet from imToken that supports a fully decentralized ecosystem.

Ben He, CEO and founder of imToken, introduces imToken 2.0

Following its $10 million Series A investment from IDG, imToken today introduces a DApp browser, Tokenlon (imToken’s decentralized exchange) and imToken Venture.

The company also announces 5 million monthly active users and $45 billion in pass-through transactions between January 2017 and June 2018, rivaling Paypal’s Venmo’s yearly volume.

“We believe that the future of blockchain technology lies in complete decentralization,” said Ben He, Founder and CEO of imToken. “We believe today’s initiatives for imToken 2.0 will set the roadmap for a fully decentralized ecosystem that the industry and users will get behind.”

imToken 2,0

DApp Browser – imToken’s DApp Browser supports the most popular DApps and decentralized exchanges.

In addition, imToken is announcing imToken Venture, which will invest in and promote DApps and innovative infrastructure projects.

Decentralized Exchange – imToken’s decentralized exchange, Tokenlon, now offers two unique trading functions.

  • “Instant Exchange” – Selects the best exchange rates across multiple reserves for fair token-to-token conversions.
  • Order book and spot trading – Tokenlon users can leave buy and sell limit orders or take market orders directly from the order book.

Multi-Chain Wallet with BTC, ETH, EOS – Users can import and manage multiple cryptocurrency wallets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS, under one mnemonic passphrase and identity.

The announcement follows imToken’s Singapore headquarters opening.

“We believe that with a mature regulatory environment, Singapore is the ideal launchpad for us to kickstart our global ambitions,” said He. “Countries including Indonesia rapidly growing into one of imToken’s largest markets, and we’re looking forward to building out our initiatives in Asia.”

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About imToken

Founded in 2016 by Ben He, CEO of imToken, the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallet, used by the leading cryptocurrency investors worldwide. Backed by IDG Capital, imToken offers support for 30,000 tokens and internationally recognized for its security features as a digital asset management tool. imToken is headquartered in Singapore.

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PRETORIA– Commercial banks in South African which have been implicated in the rigging of foreign exchange dealings of the Rand against the US dollar say the Competition Commission has failed to provide enough facts regarding the alleged collusive transactions.

The 23 banks were giving testimony before the Competition Tribunal during the second day of the Competition Tribunal hearings Tuesday.

Most of the banks which gave testimony on Tuesday want the tribunal to dismiss the cases against them because of lack of evidence. They again argued jurisdiction, prescription and that there is no proof that they participated in collusive transactions.

They have also argued that the matter has been prescribed because it happened three years ago. The alleged collusive transactions took place from 2007 to 2013.

The banks are said to have made massive profits by manipulating the Rand-US dollar rate and the competition commission says consumers have suffered the consequences of this.

The competition commission has refuted claims that it took too long to investigate this case, saying it was only made aware of it by Absa Bank three years after the collusive transactions took place.

Its investigation found that the banks had a general agreement to collude on prices for bids in relation to currency trading.